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“AISG is a place that's willing to push boundaries and do things differently. I really enjoy teaching here because the community is so open and innovative. I love helping students ignite their passion for learning and seeing them try new things because it usually means that something great is about to happen... “

 -- Tanya LeClair, AISG Elementary School Innovation Coach

“AISG is an environment where teachers are encouraged to try new things and students are receptive to learning. It's the perfect combination, and it motivates me to come to school each day..."

-- Betty Lin, Head of Visual and Performing Arts

“I never liked acting… the thought of saying anything on the stage in front of so many people terrified me. It was a school visit to New York City that ignited my hidden passion for theater. I’m now attending one of the top-ranked drama schools in the world at NYU. I honestly feel that I am ready to face whatever's coming in the future.”

-- Gloria Huang, Class of 2017

“I feel like the teachers in my courses have not only taught me the course content but ignited my passion for the subject that was missing before I came to AISG. My physics teacher talked about concepts that were way beyond the scope of our physics course. He had the passion for the subject, and he was passing that passion on to me.”

-- Nikhil Budhev, Class of 2017

“My father always said that without health, you have nothing, and with good health, anything is possible. He was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes when I was six. Every time he sees me, he emphasizes how health is the fundamental building block of a fulfilling life. I think that's why I'm passionate about the field of medical science because I believe it's the most direct way to help people.”

-- Helen Liao, Class of 2017

“I have always loved building stuff. My uncle would take me to different places and share stories about architects from around the world. My class Solar City Project inspired me to learn even more about architecture. I actually wanted to become a lot of things in the future, but now I’m most passionate about becoming an architect.”

--  Isaac N, Middle School Student

"In 9th grade my math teachers shifted me from being indifferent about math to truly loving the subject. I remember exactly how he made me feel and the passion he ignited within me. It was that feeling that made me want to be a teacher."

-- Will Tragert, AISG Middle and High School Assistant Principal