Hong Bao Campaign

AISG's Annual Fund celebrates Chinese New Year with Hong Bao Campaign. Hong Bao means 'red envelope' and it is a tradition to place a monetary gift in the envelope and give to friends, family, and loved ones as tokens of good wishes. As an educational fundraising campaign, the heart of this special event is to showcase our community’s creative talent and to nurture the culture of ‘giving’. 

In this vibrant campaign, every individual within the AISG community—students, alumni, caregivers, friends, faculty, and staff—adds their unique touch by submitting artwork and participating in the voting process. Artworks receiving the highest number of votes will be presented on AISG Hong Bao envelopes and other exclusive AISG items. 

This year, for the first time ever, all submitted artwork will be displayed at renowned venues such as IFC and other stunning locations in Guangzhou. This is a unique opportunity for the community to share our talent with the Guangzhou public, and it truly exemplifies one of our strengths as one connected community. Let's join the campaign and script a new chapter together, filled with creativity and cherished memories!

2024 Pre K and K Artworks

2024 Gr.1-2 Artworks

2024 Gr.3 Artworks

2024 Gr.4-5 Artworks

2024 Gr.6 Artworks

2024 Gr.7-8 Artworks

2024 Gr.9-12 Artworks

2024 Adult Artworks


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