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  1. 一位成员由美国驻广州总领事馆任命
  2. 一位成员从其余领事馆机构中选出,由校董会任命
  3. 一位对学校事务感兴趣的广州商界成员中选出,由校董会任命。
  4. 广州范围内一位对学校事务感兴趣的成员中选出,由校董会任命。

Three members are elected by the members of the American School Association of Guangzhou (ASAG, or the "Association"). 

Membership in the Association shall be voluntary and shall be composed of parents and legal guardians of children who are registered for attendance at the school, and recorded on school records, and other members as may be provided by the by-laws. 


2018-19 校董会

picture of Winstong Zhang

Dr. Winston Zhang

Jason Sheets

Rhonda Starghill

Aaron Finley

Daniel Shaikh

picture of Jane Wang

Jane Wang

Damia Yang

Board Focus

The work of the School Board is governed by the ASAG by-laws, articles, and Board governance policies of the Association. The school’s legal status in China is regulated through the School Constitution, which is registered with Chinese authorities. These documents are listed below:

Board Governance Policies

Board Committees & Task Forces SY2018-19



Governance Committee

Damia Yang, Chair
Rhonda Starghill, Jane Wang, Winston Zhang

Finance Committee

Aaron Finley, Chair
Wendy Richard, Jane Wang, Carmen Wu

Election Committee

Jason Sheets, Chair
Rhonda Starghill, Winston Zhang

Director Transition Task Force Winston Zhang, Chair
Jason Sheets

Masterplan Task Force

Jason Sheets, Chair
Danial Shaikh


Board Meetings and Events SY2018-19


Date / Time / Location

1st Board Meeting (Board Members only)

ES Campus

UNIS Board Training (Board Members only)

9/8 - 9/9/2018
2 whole days
UNIS in Hanoi

Fall Board Retreat (Board Members only)

1 whole day
SP Campus

Fall PA Meeting (Open to All Parents)

Ritz Carlton Hotel

2nd Board Meeting (Board Members only)

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

EARCOS Conference (Board Members only)

3 whole days
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

3rd Board Meeting (Board Members only)

ES Campus

4th Board Meeting (Board Members only)

ES Campus

Budget Presentation (Open to All Parents)

Ritz Carlton Hotel

5th Board Meeting (Board Members only)

ES Campus

Board Orientation: Information Session for Board Candidates (Open to All Parents)

ES Campus

6th Board Meeting (Board Members only)

ES Campus

7th Board Meeting (Board Members only)

ES Campus

Spring PA Meeting (Open to All Parents)

Ritz Carlton Hotel

Spring Board Retreat (Board Members only)

1 whole day
SP Campus

8th Board Meeting (Board Members only)

ES Meeting Room

Annual School Budget

One of the core functions of the AISG Board of Governors is the fulfillment of fulfilling its fiduciary responsibilities in developing and approving the School’s annual budget. The budget process begins early in the School year and concludes in late January in an open meeting where the School’s administrative team submits its proposed budget and schedule of fees. The Board then considers community input before a final review and adoption of the budget.

Board Membership

The Board seeks to recruit and appoint members who:

  • Are committed to the mission, vision, and strategic objectives of AISG;
  • Have ideally participated on Board committees or task forces or in other School roles;
  • Possess strategic expertise and objective perspectives that ensure an effective and diverse Board and have participated in the annual giving program.

All members of the Board, once elected or appointed, shall serve for a term of two (2) years, unless filling a vacancy as stipulated under the By-Laws VII, in which the term could be less than two years. 

A vacancy of an elective seat on the Board occurring during a year shall be filled by an alternate member elected by the Association, and who shall fill out the remaining term of the vacant seat. 

In the event that there are no alternate members or that all elected alternates are serving as voting members, the Board shall appoint a person, who shall not be a member of the Board at the time the vacancy occurs, and ho will serve until the next Spring Biannual meeting of the Association, or until a new member is elected in a special election called by petition of at least 25% of the membership of the Association. 

A vacancy of an appointed seat other than the appointed seat of the U.S. Consul General of Guangzhou will be filled by an alternate qualified member as appointed by the Board at the next available Board meeting when the vacancy occurs and who shall fill out the remaining term of the vacant seat. A vacancy of the U.S. Consul General of Guangzhou appointed seat will be filled by written notification of the alternate member from the U.S. Consul General. 

As AISG is comprised of a “Hybrid” Board of both appointed and elected governors, an ASAG member may run for election of one of the three eligible vacated seats.

Members interested in serving on the board may do so in one of two ways:

1. Standing For Election:

All candidates for election to the Board shall be members of the Association and nominated by two members of the Association. Applications shall be submitted to the Chair of the Election Committee in writing a least one week in advance of the first day of the balloting period. 

2. Filling a Vacated Seat:

Another avenue of joining the Board is by being asked to fill a vacated elected seat (most commonly due to a relocation from Guangzhou) as an interim appointment. The three appointed seats will be filled by the permanent entities. ASAG members may register their interest in serving on the board by sending an email and CV to the Chair of the Election Committee. The current sitting board will then interview interested, and eligible, candidates. These members will normally be asked to serve on a board committee or task force when skills and needs align.

Anyone appointed to fill a vacancy must then run for re-election when the term to which he or she has been appointed expires. Prior to the election, the board puts forward a board-endorsed slate of candidates that primarily includes those who have served on Board committees or task forces or who have served on the Board as interim members in a previously vacated seat.

Important Notes:

  • The successful election candidate must be an ASAG member (automatic for families) to be an elected board member;
  • ASAG Bylaws state that employees of the School and their spouses are not eligible to serve on the Board.

All ASAG members interested in serving on the Board must undergo a background check and be free of conflicts of interest with the School or its interests, per the ASAG Board Governance Policies, listed above.




AISG校董会与学校管理者携手合作,我们重视信息透明度和来自AISG大家庭内每位成员的声音。 若你有任何问题或疑虑,请在发送电子邮件至aisgboardchair@aisgz.org或于本网站留言。 我们乐意聆听你的意见。