Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: How can I update my information with the Alumni Office?

A: You can update your information online by quickly filling out our Keep in Touch form


Q: How can I get the information about alumni activities and publications?

A: This information will be sent regularly to each alum’s registered email address or via alumni social media channels. If you need to update personal information or contact details, alumni can use the Keep in Touch form on the AISG website to stay connected.


Q: I am searching for friends I went to AISG with. How do I find them?

A: If you are searching for contact information for an alum of AISG, we are happy to forward an email on your behalf if we have current contact information in our database. Please send us an email along with a note containing as much detail information about the person (age, graduation year, etc.) as possible.


Q: I’d like to come back to Guangzhou and visit the campus. Is there any information that will help in my planning?

A: Contact the Alumni Office by filling out the visit AISG form and we will provide you with the updated transportation information to get back to school. We can also provide a list of hotels that offer the AISG corporate rate for you to choose from. Be sure to stop by the Alumni Office while you’re in town!


Q: How do I plan a reunion?

A: To plan a reunion, please contact the Alumni Office via email: or by calling (+8620) 3213 5555 ext 5593. We can assist you in getting started, planning your reunion and promoting the event on AISG alumni social media channels.


Q: How can I let my classmates know what I am doing?

A: AISG shares alumni updates via the alumni newsletter, our alumni magazine, Ignite, and our social media channels. You can email the Alumni Office at whenever you make a career change, get a new job, get married, have a baby, or graduate with a new degree or award. All new information is then updated in our alumni database and included in future editions of Ignite.


Q: How can I get involved?

A: We’re always looking for fellow Rams who are passionate about AISG and ready to lead and share. There are countless ways to get involved on campus, in your community and across the globe. Whether your passion drives you to become a mentor or to volunteer for a good cause, please send us an email and the Alumni Office will facilitate your event.


Q: How can I give a gift to AISG?

A: Please visit the Giving page on the AISG website. This outlines the many wonderful contributions you can make to AISG. Thank you in advance!