American International School of Guangzhou

Admission to IB Courses and Learning Support in the IBDP at AISG

Admission to IB Courses at AISG

All core courses (math, science, English, social studies) at AISG for grades 11 and 12 are IB courses. Hence, all grade 11 and 12 students enroll in several IBDP courses whether or not they attempt the full IB Diploma Programme.

The full IBDP is open to virtually all AISG students. We believe with commitment and effort from the student and support from school and home, almost all students can successfully pursue the full IB Diploma Programme.

Admission to the Full IB Diploma Programme at AISG

When selecting courses at the end of grade 10, students are asked to consult with current instructors and request recommendations for HL courses. It is preferred that students have a B+ or above in foundation courses to enroll in an HL course. Teachers consider the foundation knowledge the student has already acquired along with the student's Approaches to Learning. If students are not recommended for at least three HL courses, they may still attempt the full DP after consultations between the HS counselor, DP coordinator, parents and student. The student and parents are made aware of what possible additional support and monitoring will be available. Students will then be enrolled in the full DP (including ToK) for their IB1 year. Student progress and level of success is reviewed throughout the IB1 school year. Students who choose not to attempt the full IBDP can enroll in all SL courses or a combination of HL and SL.

Students who, after grade 11, do not wish to pursue the full IBDP may choose to complete their 2-year IB courses, enroll in IB1 courses (for example – take IB1 Chem in grade 11 and IB1 Bio in grade 12) as scheduling allows or enroll in elective courses such as Journalism, Choir and Fit4Life.

Learning Support (LS) and Accommodations for IBDP Students

At AISG, as per our LS philosophy, we believe that all students can learn, even though the pace, mode, and demonstration of their learning may be different. Learning support services are not intended to provide an alternative course of study, nor does it have a curriculum of its own; rather it is intended to help students reach success within the regular school curriculum. Instruction supports students' access to the curriculum in these areas, and strives to develop the skills necessary to succeed in them.

Students who have been enrolled at AISG and receive learning support services may be eligible to receive accommodations on their IB assessments – such as additional time, separate work space, etc. An application will be made on the student's behalf to the IB organization. Based on the accommodations the student receives from AISG, from the College Board on SAT tests and educational testing results, the student may receive accommodations on their IB exams.