American International School of Guangzhou

Mission & Vision

Nurturing future-ready individuals to aspire, achieve, and contributeNurturing future-ready individuals to aspire, achieve, and contribute


Why do we exist?

To nurture future-ready individuals to aspire, achieve, and contribute. 




What must our school become?

AISG will be a leader of dynamic, compassionate, and connected learning.  


Vivid Description: 

What does our vision require?


  • As a leading international school, AISG's bold and transformative projects will inspire both local and global communities. 
  • Dynamic learning starts with a vibrant school committed to preparing students for the future they choose. At the same time, AISG is constantly learning and adapting to an ever-changing environment.  
  • Dynamic learning promotes inquiry, allowing for student choice and flexibility in the pursuit of their passions and interests, extending beyond the classroom to authentic, real world challenges and opportunities.  
  • Dynamic learning is designed and delivered by innovative educators who embrace change and share best practice instructional strategies. Technology and its responsible use is deeply embedded into learning.
  • Dynamic learning provides creative and differentiated learning opportunities to ensure all learners achieve personal excellence. 

  • Compassionate learning starts with an inclusive organization that fosters an appreciation of common humanity and a commitment to care for others.  
  • Compassionate learning balances challenge and rigor with encouragement and support.  Empathy, resilience and growth mindset are continuously nurtured. 
  • Compassionate learning advocates for global awareness, intercultural understanding, and perspective.  
  • Compassionate learning cultivates strong character, social and emotional wellness, and personal happiness.   

  • Connected learning places relationships at the heart of the school, in pursuit of strong relationships within local, national, and global communities. 
  • Connected learning demands strong collaboration and communication within and across multiple partnerships and communities.   
  • Connected learning emphasizes the importance of student voice and ideas. Each member of the AISG community actively knows, values, and advocates for one another. 
  • Connected learning inspires a unified, positive, and vibrant school spirit.  



Collective Commitments: 

How must we behave to bring our vision to life?


  • We will take an active role in evidence-based collective inquiry - seeking, sharing, and implementing the most promising practices to optimize learning.
  • We will embrace change.
  • We will embrace innovation, leveraging technology to support student learning.
  • We will empower students to take ownership over their learning through exploration and authentic application.
  • We will take responsibility for student learning, and use evidence of student learning to inform and improve practice, and to ensure higher levels of learning for all individuals.
  • We will be open, solutions-oriented, positive contributing members of our teams.
  • We will nurture a growth mindset and challenge students to reach their potential.
  • We will allow opportunities for student voice in their learning.
  • We will foster positive relationships within and across communities.


Expected School-Wide Learning Results (ESLRS):  

       In addition to meeting the curricular standards (subject area knowledge, skills and understandings), and in keeping with the school’s Mission, AISG students are expected to:

  • Standard 1: Learn with Enthusiasm, Self-Direction and Perseverance
  • Standard 2: Communicate and Collaborate Effectively
  • Standard 3: Think Critically and Creatively to Solve Problems
  • Standard 4: Demonstrate Global Understanding and Citizenship