American International School of Guangzhou


First Day of School at Ersha CampusFirst Day of School at Ersha CampusThe school's administration and faculty feel that close communication with parents is vital to the effective operation of the school. AISG maintains an Open Door policy with regard to communications. This policy provides a means by which an individual or a group representative may channel concerns or questions about any aspect of our educational program.

"Door 1": Staff Member

Initial contact is made with the teacher or advisor. A parent-teacher conference can be arranged by phoning the appropriate school office secretary.

"Door 2": School Principal

Parents should contact the principal for concerns not resolved with the teacher, or concerns which should be brought directly to the administration. Appointments can be made by phoning the secretary of the principal.

"Door 3": Director

If the parents continue to have a concern or question, they may approach the Director by contacting her secretary.

School Calendar:

A general school calendar is published at the beginning of each school year. All school holidays and major events are listed on this calendar. Please display it somewhere in your home so that all family members have access to it. AISG Full Year Calendar here.

Fortnightly Newsletter:

The fortnightly Newsletter is distributed via email each Wednesday.  Newsletters can also be accessed online via the AISG Intranet. The Newsletter includes items of immediate interest.

Open Houses:

Open Houses for the Elementary, Middle and High Schools are held periodically to introduce parents to our facilities, equipment, curriculum and staff. These events are designed to help parents know the school better. While faculty members are present in the classrooms to greet parents, individual conferences are not held during Open Houses.

Teachers' Letters:

Letters from teachers detailing special items of interest or information concerning specific classes are also distributed to parents when necessary throughout the school year.

Progress Reports:

Progress Reports for students doing exemplary or unsatisfactory work may be issued at any time, but are usually sent home at the mid-point of each quarter.

Parent-Teacher Conferences:

Regular conferences are held on specified days after the 1st and 3rd quarters. Parents of Elementary students are scheduled for a conference with the homeroom teacher and can request conferences with specialist teachers. Parents of Middle and High School students may meet with teacher(s) on request.

Parent Association Meetings:

In fall and spring of each year the School Board convenes a Parent Association Meeting. At these meetings parents are informed of the school's activities and future plans. Reports are presented on the school's finances and yearly goals. In addition, during the May meeting, elections are held to fill expired or vacated Board seats. At both meetings parents are given the opportunity to address the group with pertinent concerns and comments.