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Students at Middle School ClassStudents at Middle School ClassA vision of seamlessly integrating technology to support teaching and learning

AISG believes in the opportunities technology brings to learning. We know that technology in our school is much more than all the hardware and services we offer. Our students experience enhanced learning through technology every day, thanks to our specially trained teachers, our planning for the future and the infrastructure and devices available on both our campuses. Our vision for seamless integration of technology, in and out of school, assures the development of a program that serves all stake-holders and disciplines of study. 

Communicating, collaborating and creating through technology

Using some of the technology described below, AISG students are engaged in blogging with partner schools in other countries, developing ePortfolios to show thier learning across multiple years and routinely collaborating with classmates, peers in other schools and experts in the field. Whether via Skype, Wordpress, Office 365, Moodle or any of other resources tapped by AISG faculty and students, technology integration supports learning in both new and traditional ways at AISG.

Hardware and Infrastructure, part of the equation

Our 1:1 iPad program has now expanded to Grades 3-5. Students in Pre-School 4 to Grade 5 all use tablets on a daily basis to make their learning come alive by creating content and sharing it with the classmates, parents and students in other schools. AISG maintains a 1:1 Laptop Program from the Grades 6 to 12. The program expanded gradually from a pilot program in 2009 and now runs through middle and high school. Tablets are being tested as an alternative or possible replacement for laptops in Middle School. 

In addition to robust hardware, the school maintains multiple, redundant fibre lines to the internet, both within China and to Hong Kong. 

Technology coaches and tech PD invaluable at AISG

Through research and years of practice, AISG knows that the key to all of our technology integration initiatives is the preparation of our teachers. The school takes teacher professional development seriously and supports teachers with a wide variety of options for tech related PD. AISG sends teachers to regional conferences such as Learning 2.0 and 21st Century Learning Hong Kong. Weekly on-campus PD is offered, as well as multiple early release days, where teachers are able to dive deeper into designing technology integrated experiences. 

The technology coaching staff, one per division, along with their technology director, work with teachers directly on a daily basis, collaborating to bring best practices into the classroom. The tech coaches work with teachers in planning learning experiences, as well as helping the teacher deliver and refine the experience over time. AISG's technology program is based on the six standards of the ISTE NETS Standards for Students. You can learn more about the technology program at AISG at the Digital Initiatives web site. Examples of technology integration and details of our programs are available to understand more about the role technology plays in our school. :