American International School of Guangzhou


Students at Middle School ClassStudents at Middle School Class

AISG progressively implemented 1:1 laptop & iPad programs on both campuses starting in 2009. But our true passion has always focused on what our students make and create using technology. That’s never been more the case than with our school’s new mission and vision. By shifting our focus to innovative and connected learning we’re ensuring our students are prepared for their futures not our past.

The Innovation Initiative has resulted in new investments in 3D printers, programmable robots, drones and other hardware. The Middle School’s Discovery Program allows our students to use these tools in authentic learning environments. For example, Middle School students have created prosthetic hands using the 3D printers. In other classes students create Arduino-powered LED controller units to program patterns and color palletes. The high school offers an Introduction to Programming class and will offer IB Computer Programming.

Innovation coaches work with teachers in all grade levels from K-12. From an introduction to the MakeyMakey controller in elementary school to building home-grown drones using carbon fibre filament and 3D printers in Middle and High School classes, AISG students are creating, innovating, making and sharing routinely on both campuses.

One of the main focuses of the Innovation Initiative is computational thinking and bringing coding to students. Both campuses see wide-spread use of robots which are coded to execute the students commands. These include BeeBots for our youngest children, Spheros for our upper-elementary and Parrot drones in the middle and high school. These experiences help prepare kids for formal programming and computer science classes in high school.

Learning doesn’t just happen in classes, but in a robust After School Activities program that compliments the innovation and technology used in classes. Students in high school create wearable technology featuring Lilypad controllers. In elementary school students use 3D pens, go on VR field trips and learn to code games. High school students arrange week-end Fly Ins with other drone enthusiasts. Drone pilots attend events and gather striking footage of games and activities on campus.

The technology at AISG supports creativity as well as computational thinking. Middle School students compose music on iPads in the digital music composition class. And now art classes are using the HTC Vive and the Microsoft Hololens to explore virtual reality art environments. These are excellent steps up from the Google DayDream VR system used in elementary school to visit thousands of Google VR field trip sites.

AISG invests heavily in both supporting our own teachers and also sharing our learning with our community of international teachers. The school hosts and annual EdTechGZ conference at our Ersha Island campus. What started with 50 teachers from 7 schools has grown to 300 participants from over 50 schools at the annual event. The school routinely sends teachers and the innovation coaches to regional ed tech conferences as well, at which AISG faculty share the learning and innovation implemented AISG, as well as bringing back and sharing what they learned at the conferences and PD.