American International School of Guangzhou


A “Future Ready” Philosophy
--A message from AISG Director

Earlier this year, I shared a video that pointed out likely changes in the world by the year 2028, just eleven years from now. The content was arranged around the question: Did you know? For example, did you know, in 2028, the ‘average’ person will be a 34-year-old Indian man? Did you know, in 2028, that wearable technology will be controlled by thought? There were some compelling statements, including that 50% of today’s jobs will be replaced by artificial intelligence, and that depression will be the 2nd highest cause of disease burden after obesity. I first viewed this video with the group of people who worked together last year to review the mission and vision of the school. A key reason why AISG exists is to prepare students for their futures. When the future looks so very different from what it is today, being prepared for it requires forward thinking and a robust understanding of current trends in a multitude of different areas. We struggled with a complex range of questions including, what impact will technology have on schooling, and what impact will the future of employment have on education? Just how will we prepare balanced global citizens with compassionate hearts in an increasingly stressful, secular, internationalized, technology-driven and fast changing world?

The world into which our students will graduate from college or university will be inevitably different from our world today, and significantly different from the world into which we graduated from college or university five, ten, or twenty years ago. The skills, attitudes, and dispositions that AISG graduates will need to be successful, well-balanced, happy people in 2028 are projected to be significantly different from the skills, attitudes, and dispositions needed by graduates of the past. As our mission states, AISG exists to nurture future-ready individuals to aspire, achieve, and contribute. To ensure this is true in 2028 and beyond, we need to fully become a school that is a leader of dynamic, compassionate, and connected learning. During this year, we will be examining how to design educational experiences to ensure that our students are ready for successful, well-balanced, happy lives in the futures that are theirs. I’m looking forward to partnering with you to bring our mission to life, and nurture our students to be ready for the future that will be theirs.

Kind regards,

Dr. Bernadette P. Carmody