American International School of Guangzhou

Life at AISG

Location of GuangzhouLocation of GuangzhouAISG offers the opportunity for qualified teachers to teach in a supportive, professional, international setting while experiencing the excitement of living in urban Asia, in one of the world's fastest developing areas.

Guangzhou, the historic city of Canton, is a dynamic, international city of 12 million people on the banks of the Pearl River. Although Hong Kong is less than two hours away by train, Guangzhou is an exciting center in its own right, with a rich history and culture, and a myriad of things to see and do in the city and surrounding areas. Guangzhou's Baiyun International Airport has direct flights to Europe as well as to cities throughout Asia.

Contract and Age Requirement

Chinese law requires citizens to retire at age 60; however, this has not been enforced for our foreign hired employees. However, to avoid any problem for an employee or the School, individuals whom we hire must be able to complete the initial two-year contract and ideally another year or two before reaching the age of 60.

Salaries and Banking

Faculty receive their salaries and allowances in Chinese RMB. The school will arrange to open a Bank of China (BOC) account for each employee and, on a monthly basis, AISG will deposit RMB salaries into each employee's BOC account. If an employee wants part of the RMB salary to be converted into US dollars and deposited into an overseas account, the school will facilitate this conversion and fund transfer up to once per month. For more information see the supplemental documents: Salaries and Banking, Recruitment Brochure

Other benefits include professional development opportunities, sick leave, personal days, health insurance, maternity/paternity leave, life insurance, disability insurance, daily transportation to and from school (some restrictions apply), and a tuition waiver and free busing for faculty children who meet AISG's admission requirements. Overseas recruited faculty also receives relocation allowances (flights and shipping), annual home leave, and a settling allowance.

Taxes and Social Insurance

As the employer, the School is responsible for collecting and paying PRC individual income tax (IIT).  The School will deduct this tax monthly from each teacher, from any form of compensation made to the Teacher, and pay it to the tax authorities.  Please note that the quoted salary is net, that is after tax.

Pursuant to the Chinese social insurance regulations, unless otherwise
covered by an applicable bilateral social security tax treaty, all eligible foreign employees and their employers in China are now required to make mandatory contribution to the Chinese Social Insurance program ("CSIP") which consists of five separate insurance programs and/or the relevant regulations and local practices. These items are subject to review by the School every year and/or whenever there are changes in China's Social Insurance Program and/or the relevant regulations and local practice. Provided that you agree to be bound by the following terms, the American International School of Guangzhou ("the School) agrees to pay your share of the mandatory contribution effective with the beginning of this Employment Contract. By accepting the School contribution to your Social Insurance Account, you acknowledge that you
will return to the School the money that is equivalent to the accumulated retirement (pension) contribution the School made on your behalf. Any accrued interest remains with the School.


Faculty live in apartments. Suitable accommodations come with basic furniture and appliances and, in some cases, they can be fully furnished. Many teaching couples live on Ersha Island, close to the elementary campus. However, rents on Ersha usually exceed the school's allowance and at times it can be hard to find an apartment.

Many other faculty choose to live in the Tianhe or Zhujiang New Town areas, which are more in the city center. We recommend securing an apartment prior to your arrival and our HR department will assist you in this process. You will find more information about housing in the AISG orientation guide entitled "Living and Working in Guangzhou" which is included in the Employment section of the website.

On your behalf, AISG pays the security deposit and first month's rent. The school then deducts these costs from your July and August salaries.

Busing, Teachers and their Child/ren

The School provides teachers with daily transportation between school and a selection of popular housing locations on regular school days.  In the morning, pick-up takes place between 6:45am and 7:15am depending on location and drops teachers at either the elementary school campus on Ersha Island, or the Secondary school campus at Science Park.  Faculty buses depart the elementary campus at 4:30 and depart the Secondary campus at 3:30 and 4:50. Travel time varies depending on the pick-up location and traffic, but averages 20-30 minutes to and from the Ersha campus and 35-45 minutes to and from Science Park.

AISG does not provide a door-to-door bus service; rather, it stops at central locations based on housing trends. Faculty buses currently have stops at the Haiyin bridge, Ersha Island, Tianhe, and Zhujiang New Town. If a teacher chooses to live in an area that is not near a faculty bus route, s/he must arrange transportation to the main pickup spots.  More information is provided to newly hired teachers to ensure that they are aware of the faculty travel considerations when making housing decisions.

AISG also covers the cost of busing faculty children who are enrolled in AISG.  Student bus services run from various housing areas and key pick-up points to both the Ersha and Science Park campuses. As with the faculty buses, this is also not a door-to-door service.  Parents who choose not live on the bus routes are responsible for transporting their children to and from school. Again, AISG assists new teachers with student transportation considerations as well when selecting appropriate housing.