American International School of Guangzhou

Tuition and Fees

AISG Tuition and Fees Information
2017-18 Academic Year

The American International School in Guangzhou is a Not-for-Profit organization. Tuition and fees fund all operational expenses, and surpluses fund strategic enhancements to advance the learning experience for all students. The following information outlines AISG’s tuition and fees and payment policies.

Application Processing Fee for All Grade Levels: RMB 1900 / US$ 300. The application processing fee must be received before an application can be formally reviewed. This fee is non-refundable and non-transferable, and applies only to the school year for which the student is applying. Payment of the application processing fee does not constitute registration or enrollment.

Non-payment of the Comprehensive Tuition: In a case where a seat is offered to a new student and full payment is not made within 14 calendar days of the invoice date, AISG reserves the right to offer the seat to another qualified student. In a case where a currently enrolled student’s fees are not paid within 30 calendar days of the invoice date, AISG reserves the right to ask parents to keep their student home until the overdue payment is resolved.

Comprehensive Tuition: The comprehensive tuition consists of the school fee and VAT payable at 3%. Our tuition is comprehensive and includes: textbooks, everyday class supplies, field trips (including Middle & High School China trips), most after school activities, one PE Uniform, a yearbook, IB program fees, learning support and capital fees. Lunches and daily transportation are not included. Fees are billed by semester and, for new students, payment of 50% of the Annual Fee (equivalent to one semester) is payable in advance. Students who enroll mid-semester are invoiced for the full semester’s fee. AISG does not prorate tuition for any portion of a semester. All fees are payable in advance of each semester and are governed by the AISG Refund Policy that is detailed on page 2 in this document.  


SY 17-18 – Semester 2

Grade Level

Comprehensive Tuition Fee (RMB)

VAT 3% (RMB)

Total Payable (RMB)

Comprehensive Tuition Fee (USD)

VAT 3% (USD)

Total Payable (USD)

(Half Day)



59,050 RMB



8,900 USD1&2

Preschool (Regular Day)



72,400 RMB



10,900 USD

Elementary School
(Kindergarten, Grades 1 to 5)



85,200 RMB



12,850 USD

Middle School
(Grades 6 to 8)



93,100 RMB



14,050 USD

High School
(Grades 9 to 12)



107,500 RMB



16,200 USD

 1 An additional transaction fee of 1.5% will be applied to tuition payments made in US Dollars. 

2 US Dollar tuition amount is calculated each semester and may vary due to changes in the conversion rate.

1st Semester USD fee is based on the April 1 spot rate. 2nd Semester USD fee is based on the Oct 1 spot rate.


Methods of Payment: Fees may be paid in RMB or USD as outlined in the tables below: AISG does not accept cash or credit card payments. Places are only guaranteed once tuition fee check has cleared or wire transfers have been processed and credited to the school’s bank.


 Method 1: RMB Payment

Wire Transfer, including Internet Banking


Account Name: American International School of Guangzhou

Account Number: 728957742569

Beneficiary Bank: Bank of China

Guangzhou Guangdong Jing Mao Dasha Sub-branch             




开户行: 中国银行




  (Please include your child/ren’s name(s) and family code in the wire transfer remarks box.


Method 2: USD Payment (An additional transaction fee of 1.5% will be applied)

U.S. Drawn Checks Please make checks payable to “AISG, INC.” and note the student’s name and family code. Checks should be sent to the following address:

No. 3 Yanyu Street South, Ersha Island, Yuexiu District, Guangzhou, China 510105.

ACH, EFT and Wire Transfers (USD)

ACH, EFT and wire transfers, including payments made via internet banking services, are to be made directly to the school’s bank account.  Please include the student’s name in the wire transfer remarks box.  For returning students, please also note the family code. Please notify the AISG Accounting Office of all bank transfers by fax (8620-8735 3339) or email ( This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ).


Account Name: AISG, INC.

Account Number: 4258810138

Beneficiary Bank: TD Bank


Routing Number: 054001725

Bank Address: 1753 Connecticut Avenue, NW, Washington, DC20009, USA


The 1:1 Laptop Initiative:

For the 2018-19 academic year, parents of all students in grades 6-12 must ensure that their child has a Macintosh laptop that meets the school’s requirements (see for full details). 

Extra-curricular Events and Trips: AISG students may be selected to represent the school on various athletic, fine arts or cultural trips. These trips include, but are not limited to, APAC, ACAMIS, ISTA, MUN, GIN, SDRC, Honors Band, and AMIS. Parents are responsible for the costs associated with these trips.

Lost or Damaged School Property: Students are billed at full replacement cost for lost and/or damaged books, materials, equipment and facilities. Payment is due within 15 calendar days of the invoice date, but is refundable if the lost item is found and returned in good condition.

Payment Period: In a full academic year there are two academic semesters, determined by the Board-approved school calendar. For returning students, fees for Semester 1 are due on June 1 and fees for Semester 2 are due on December 1. Payments received after these due dates are subject to a late fee of 2% per month. For all new students who are admitted mid-semester, fees are due within 14 calendar days of the invoice date.

Refund Policy - AISG’s refund policy supports the school's position as a non-profit organization that contracts personnel and supplies a year in advance:

  • Withdrawals must be made in writing/email to the Admissions Office ( This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it )
  • If a withdrawal occurs before the tuition invoice due date (June 1 for Semester 1 and December 1 for Semester 2), the full tuition invoice is refunded.
  • If a withdrawal occurs after June 1 or December 1 but before the semester starts, or if a withdrawal occurs after the semester starts, but the student has not attended at all, the full tuition invoice minus a non-attendance fee of 6,300 RMB (US$1000) is refunded. There is no tuition refund if a student withdraws without having attended classes after the fourth school week of either semester.
  • If a withdrawal occurs after a semester begins, and the student has attended school for any amount of time, there is no refund of the tuition invoice.
  • The application processing fee is non-transferable and non-refundable for any reason, including withdrawal of application or non-acceptance of an offer for enrollment at AISG.
  • In cases of emergency that cause an unusually high number of student withdrawals, the Board may exercise its prerogative to withhold all or a portion of tuition refunds.