Class of 2024 Alumni Spotlight: Jerry Li

We are honored to introduce Jerry Li, one of AISG's most accomplished new alumni from Class of 2024, who has left a lasting mark on the school during his ten-year tenure. From being a class representative in third grade to serving as the Upper Secondary President, Jerry has made significant contributions to the school community and is an inspiration to current and future students alike.

What are some of your proudest accomplishments at AISG?

I am most proud of my time in StuCo, spanning 10 transformative years from being a 3rd-grade class representative to the Lower Secondary President and becoming the Upper Secondary President this year. I am particularly proud of initiating traditions like the Hungry Games, the Class Competition, and constructing the first-ever Senior Lounge. It has been a lot of hard work, but definitely more fun. Go StuCo!

Who influenced you the most during your time at AISG and why?

The heartbeat of AISG is its community - everyone from the bus driver, security guards, janitors, lunch ladies to the administrative staff and teachers has shaped my perspective. Their dedication to making our school a welcoming place has taught me the invaluable role each person plays in creating a big community and allowing me to call AISG - home.

Share your favorite AISG memory.

Reflecting on my decade at AISG, three pivotal moments stand out: my transition to the Science Park campus, which was a leap into a new environment with brimming possibilities; the grand opening of our new facilities, marking a significant chapter in our school's history; and the poignant milestone of graduation, a bittersweet moment that celebrated our journey and us growing up.

What challenges have you faced during Upper Secondary, and how have you overcome them?

In my academic and learning journey, I faced the challenge of learning differences, which posed obstacles in my daily life. However, thanks to the unwavering support of my family, teachers, and the learning support department, I not only overcame these challenges but also excelled in the areas I aspired to.

What was the most important thing you learned while you were at AISG?

It is never a one-man army. We must never forget the ones that stood by our side and supported us in becoming who we are today. To me, it was the realization of the importance of community.

What advice do you have for current students to make the most of their experience at AISG?

Upper Secondary is honestly a very special place, and it will actually go by in no time. So, I really want you all to live every bit of it. Do the things you enjoy and make you happy. Join the club you want to join. Take the subjects you want to take. And connect with the people you want to connect with.

Upper Secondary is very stressful and demanding, but please don't chase after the ending every day. College/University may seem like the ultimate goal, but I hope you all can live Upper Secondary. It's about this journey and process, and making all the memories along the way that you can keep.

Keep smiling, loving, enjoying, chilling, and living.

What are your future career goals, and how have your AISG experiences influenced them?

I plan on majoring in Economics and Business, where I have hopes of one day becoming a consultant and entrepreneur, perhaps even an NBA team owner. I am grateful for the education and opportunities provided at AISG that have shaped my aspirations for my future.

Jerry's extracurriculars/activities/awards/etc. from her time at AISG:

  • Student Council: 2014 - 2024 (President)

  • Model United Nations: 2019 - 2024 (Secretary General) 

  • Business Club: 2020 - 2024 (Director)

  • Varsity Basketball: 2021 - 2024 (Co-Captain) 

  • Dynasty: 2023 - 2024 (Captain)

  • Roots and Shoots Environment: 2023 - 2024 

  • Rams Reception: 2022 – 2023

  • Class Ambassador for Class of 2024

Jerry has demonstrated exceptional leadership skills, creativity, and a strong sense of community spirit during his time at the school. His accomplishments in StuCo and his dedication to making AISG a welcoming place have left a lasting impact on the school community. We have no doubt that Jerry will continue to achieve great things in his future endeavors and serve as a role model for others to follow.

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