Friendship Awareness Month at AISG

April in Elementary School is Friendship Awareness Month! Being part of an international school allows us to celebrate our cultural similarities and differences. This month, we are encouraging our younger students to break out of their linguistic and cultural familiarities and expand their friendship circles with the theme of Bridging Cultures. Over the month, we will have parent coffees, recess activities, spirit days, and student focus groups to celebrate the new theme.

graphic with friendship month

On Monday, students attended an assembly to discuss the theme of the month. Students listened to a reading of the book All Are Welcome by Alexandra Penfold, a book that celebrates diversity and inclusivity. Students then ‘turned and talked’ with peers around them, making sure to talk with someone new, to reflect on the messages of the book.

woman speaking into a microphone to an assembly of children
kids raising their hands during an assembly
kid answering question into microphone in assembly

A white-board has been set up in the foyer of our Ersha building and students are able to write on post-its the names of their new friends.

Whiteboard with post its, banner with friendship month graphic

At AISG, we are always focused on making sure everyone feels welcome and we are proud to promote our international mindedness within our community. We want our students to learn this from a young age and carry forth these skills into the future.

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