Happy Mid-Autumn Festival from AISG!

AISG celebrated this Mid-Autumn Festival with a Lantern Parade at the Ersha campus. Our littlest Rams, Pre-K to Grade 2, spent this week creating their own lanterns.

picture of chinese lanterns that elementary students made
picture of chinese lanterns that elementary students made

Proudly showing their creations, the students displayed the lanterns in a parade marching through the first floor of campus, through the courtyard and basketball court. Students from Grades 3-5 participated as an enthusiastic audience for the parade, which made our Pre-K through Grade 2 students proud to show their artwork that celebrates this traditional Chinese holiday.

picture of young students parading the walkways around school during mid-autumn festival 2020
picture of a young girl holding a lantern during mid-autumn festival 2020
picture of young students carrying chinese lanterns during mid-autumn festival celebrations
picture of an older student high fiving a younger student in the mid-autumn festival parade

What a festive way to begin the Mid-Autumn Festival! The children's lanterns are now hung around the Ersha campus, giving a celebratory feeling of the holiday.

picture of AISG director Kevin Baker celebrating with students during the mid-autumn festival
picture of elementary students enjoying the festivities during mid-autumn festival
picture of two girls and the AISG director Kevin Baker at the mid-autumn festival

Our RamNation wishes everyone a very happy Mid-Autumn Festival!

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