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Best Fit Philosophy


AISG’s “Best Fit Philosophy” seeks to support students through tailor-made, individualized college plans aimed at connecting students to pathways and college programs they are passionate about pursuing.

Our graduates’ choices for post-secondary education are as varied and unique as they are. At AISG, we know students are not just looking for a college but a home where they can thrive and excel as they enter the next stage of their learning journey.   

Part of the notion of preparing our students to be future-ready lies in the belief that one size does not fit all, and that every student needs a process of college selection and application that will serve their individual interests, talents, and passions.

We believe parents are our partners in the education of our students when it comes to selecting the best fit college. We encourage parents to join us in the learning by attending our college visits and joining us at Parent Coffee Mornings. 

With topics such as the admissions selection process in the US, UK, and other countries, standardized testing, and planning and organization skills for students, this is a valuable way for parents to partner with us in support of their child’s learning journey. 


College Workshops

To support the college application education process students also participate in a number of counselor-led workshops on various college-related topics, including:

  • Choosing a Best Fit School for You
  • College Essay Writing
  • Applying to North American, Asian, European and Australian Universities
  • How to Manage Applications via UCAS, Common App and other Admission Platforms
  • Mock US College Admissions Workshop


College Visits

Our Upper Secondary counselors spend years building relationships with colleges and universities worldwide so that students can make informed choices about colleges that are a "best fit" for their strengths and needs. AISG students and parents are visited by more than 115 college admissions directors from around the world each year.

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College Matriculation

Our graduates receive offers on average from more than 125 universities around the world and attend top universities in 10 countries!

Our graduates have received acceptances to top universities around the world in various subjects and fields including Computer Science, Education, Engineering, Economics, Business and Commerce, Hotel Management, Sports Management, Drama, Arts, Media, and many more.

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