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Creating Successful Students in School and in Life


AISG boasts the most extensive athletic program of any international school in South China, giving our student athletes the opportunity to participate in the widest variety of sports against other schools both internationally and within China.

Athletic Conferences

AISG is a proud member of the international Asia Pacific Athletics Conference (APAC). As the only APAC school in Southern China, students at AISG have the opportunity to represent the school and develop friendships with other APAC athletes during numerous sporting tournaments throughout the year. 

As a member of the Asia Pacific Athletics Conference (APAC), Guangzhou International School Athletic Conference (GISAC), and founding members of both Southern Delta Region Conference (SDRC) and Pearl River Conference (PRC),  students are provided with regular opportunities to engage in a broad range of interscholastic conferences. 

Athletics in the Preschool and Elementary School

An exciting part of being a student in the Elementary School is the pleasure of participating in the Physical Education program to enrich and balance your child's daily physical experience. The program identifies the major expectations considered essential in exploring the human body’s capacity for movement, and how to move around and in-between objects and other individuals safely. These expectations are arranged into the five strands of PYP: Health-Related Fitness, Adventure Challenges, Games, Individual Pursuits and Movement Composition. 

Athletics in the Middle School

The Middle School Athletics program offers students an unrivaled opportunity to explore and experiment with the widest range of individual and team sports of any international school in the Guangdong province. Over 90% of Middle School students participate in at least one or more sports throughout the year. In addition to individual sports offered each season, we field multiple teams in Soccer, Touch, Volleyball, and Basketball for both girls and boys.

AISG is a founding member of the Pearl River Conference (PRC) and Southern Delta Regional Conference (SDRC) with students participating in over 40 tournaments each year in addition to hosting a variety of invitational tournaments and scholastic games each year. 

Our coaching staff work hard to create a safe and positive learning environment that focuses on the process rather than the outcome. Our inclusive policy allows for students to pursue their athletic interests regardless of their ability. Students are placed on a team that best meets their needs in terms of ability, experience, and physical/emotional readiness.



Athletics in the High School

Our High School Athletics program extends and enhances our school's mission by offering additional opportunities for students to develop their physical, social, spiritual and emotional well-being. 

Athletes in this program have the opportunity to participate in a number of interscholastic conferences unlike any offered at other schools in Guangzhou. These include the international Asia Pacific Athletic Conference (APAC), the regional Tri-Cities tournament and the local Guangzhou International School Athletic Conference (GISAC). 


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