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Dynamic, Compassionate and Connected Learners

With a focus on curiosity-driven exploration, our Early Learning Program (Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten) provides the perfect opportunity for a lifetime of learning to begin.

Our Early Learning Program provides a “hands on,” safe and nurturing learning environment where compassion, resilience and a growth mindset is celebrated. Our main objective is to foster a love of learning through the implementation of an inquiry-based, developmentally-appropriate and exciting early childhood curriculum for three, four and five years olds.

Explore Our Play-Based Early Years Curriculum

The Early Years Program at AISG is inquiry-based and driven by our belief that all students are curious, creative and capable. Through play, we provide a concept driven, transdisciplinary program framed by the IB Primary Years Programme (PYP), and Creative Curriculum.

Within the PYP framework, play-based learning allows children to lay the foundation for their cognitive, social, emotional, physical and brain development.

Through play-based learning, our students develop attributes of the IB Learner Profile by collaborating, making judgements, learning how to learn, and becoming increasingly autonomous with the support of involved educators who understand the educational potential of play.


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A Community of Readers

The Ersha campus library is a hub of creativity, and a place for quiet retreat. It is just one of the special places in our school where our littlest Rams are introduced to a dynamic, balanced and connected learning space where they can grow as readers.

Library lessons are guided by our teacher librarian and constructed in collaboration with the Early Years teachers and the PYP Coordinator to ensure relevancy to classroom learning. Students are encouraged to develop a love of reading as they learn how to use and utilize our beautiful library.

Experiential Learning

At AISG, some of the best learning takes place beyond the classroom walls. We leverage our local and community relationships to enrich student learning opportunities.

During the PYP Units of Inquiry, students explore both their home and host cultures to gain a deeper understanding of themselves and the world around them. Students participate in a range of field trips which provide authentic connections to the local culture. 

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