AISG Meet the Board

Meet The Board


The American International School of Guangzhou is governed by a dedicated, nine-member board of volunteers whose role is to lead the school strategically. 

Six Board members are appointed in the following manner:

  1. One member appointed by the U.S. Consul General of Guangzhou.
  2. One member is appointed from among the Consular Corps of Guangzhou, appointed by the outgoing Board. 
  3. One member is appointed from the business community in Guangzhou with an interest in school affairs, appointed by the outgoing Board.
  4. Three members are appointed from the community at large in Guangzhou with an interest in school affairs, appointed by the outgoing Board.

Three members are elected by the members of the American School Association of Guangzhou (ASAG, or the "Association"). 

Membership in the Association shall be voluntary and shall be composed of parents and legal guardians of children who are registered for attendance at the school, and recorded on school records, and other members as may be provided by the by-laws. 

2023-2024 Board


picture of Frederic Barbier

Frederic Barbier

AISG Board Tonya W. Geidin

Tonya W. Gendin
Vice Chair

AISG Board Rodrigo Diaz

Rodrigo Diaz

Photo of Tracy Wu

Tracy Wu

Photo of Eric Frater

Eric Frater

Cory Reinhart

AISG Board Michael Chung

Michael Chung

AISG Board Member

Rachel Crump

picture of Tess Cai

Tess Cai

Board Focus

The work of the School Board is governed by the ASAG By-Laws, Articles of Association, and Board Governance Policies of the Association. The school’s legal status in China is regulated through the School Constitution, which is registered with Chinese authorities. These documents are listed below:



Contact The Board

The AISG School Board, in strong partnership with the school administration, values transparent and constructive input from the AISG member community. Should you wish to provide any specific questions or concerns surrounding Strategic or Governance-Related topics, please send us a message here or email We would love to hear from you. All other queries should be directed to the appropriate recipient on the School's contact page.


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