Hong Bao Campaign

AISG's Annual Fund celebrates every Chinese New Year with its annual Hong Bao Campaign. Hong Bao means 'red envelope' and it is a tradition to place a monetary gift in the envelope and gift this to friends, family, and loved ones. The AISG Annual Fund embraces this tradition to nurture the culture of giving, and as an educational fundraising campaign AISG celebrates 'giving' in one very special way. The heart of this campaign is the showcase of our student artworks that are printed in each of  the Hong Bao envelopes, and this year, the entire AISG community also contributes their artwork in this special tradition. Everyone will be invited to write their new year wishes on any Hong Bao envelopes and hang them on the peach blossom tree on campus. The Hong Bao Campaign truly exemplifies one of our strengths as one connected community.

2023 Artwork Voting


Past Hong Bao Designs

AISG 40th Sponsorship