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Applying to AISG


AISG is a caring community and is seeking passionate teachers who bring their forward-thinking pedagogy along with an empathetic approach to enrich each child’s learning.

The candidate with the best fit to join AISG will be passionate about wanting the following:

  • I want to continuously learn and improve as a teacher by participating in a multitude of professional development opportunities, by actively collaborating with colleagues, reflecting on practices, and co-creating a future pedagogical climate that promotes teacher growth and development.
  • I want to maximize the educational impact of flexibly designed learning spaces that are purposely built to drive innovation and creativity in the classroom.
  • I want to contribute to a positive environment where the administration, teachers, parents and students alike are empathetic, supportive and believe in the well-being of everyone in the community.
  • I want to apply the attributes of a positive and valued member of a Professional Learning Community and the IB learner profile to ensure a holistic approach for student-centered learning.
  • I want to embrace change by leveraging expertise in technology and bringing best practice to different learning environments so that students can perform at their optimal potential.
Let this be your reality list, not your wish list. Apply now to AISG!

How To Apply

How To Apply

AISG uses an online, automated system for all Administrative, Faculty and Staff positions. Please note that we do not accept or respond to hard-copy or emailed applications.

Unfortunately, due to the very high volume of qualified candidates who apply, we can only personally respond to those who are short-listed. Applicants will be asked to fill in an online application and submit a curriculum vitae.



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