Supporting Our Students And Community


Our Parent Teacher Association works to create a deeper sense of community and involvement for all AISG students and families.

They support and advocate for students by partnering with faculty, families, and the wider community to create a safe and healthy learning environment where your child can excel and feel confident. We believe parent engagement in the AISG community is an integral part of your child’s learning journey.

Diversity is what defines the AISG community. Through our commitment to building strong, tight-knit relationships between parents, teachers, children, administration and staff, the PTA embraces and celebrates the differences and unique traits that represent our school. We realize that the world is our children's playground and that the world is better with more colors. We are looking forward to adding more colors to our community with more parent involvement and participation. Big or small, we welcome them all! -- Tania Walla, PTA President 



A Dynamic, Compassionate and Connected PTA Community

Engaged parents. Engaged students.

The AISG family is much stronger when we have active and engaged members contributing to the growth and prosperity of our school. We are incredibly fortunate to have an active parent community in Guangzhou who believe in what we’re doing and who help us in any way they can.

Here are just some of the ways we invite you to become involved in our thriving community:

  • Orientation for new students and parents
  • Elementary, Lower and Upper Secondary sporting events
  • International Day book sales
  • Teacher appreciation
  • PTA/AISG merchandise store
  • AISG community social events


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Spirit Wear and Gear


The RamShack is our campus store, the place to get your official AISG apparel and merchandise. Our logo gear includes t-shirts, sweatshirts, hats, blankets, mugs, and so much more. The RamShack is the ideal place to buy the perfect gift for students, teachers, and family.

All proceeds are returned back to the PTA fund, benefitting every student’s experience at AISG. There are two convenient RamShack locations, one at the Ersha Campus and one at the Science Park Campus.


Hours of Operation

Ersha Campus

Science Park Campus



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