Community Service

Empowering and Engaging Students Through Service


At AISG, we empower our community to take action locally and globally to bring about positive change.

AISG's community service program is referred to as our Global Citizenship Education (GCED) and offers students a chance to learn and grow by contributing their time and talents to a variety of service projects. A great service experience should be both challenging and enjoyable, taking students out of their comfort zones, while empowering them to take action.

Besides having community clubs that are internationally known, such as Roots and Shoots, most of AISG's groups are student-initiated. They exist because a few students saw a need and developed a way to address that need. The English Connection, a group that engages in English conversation with university students once a week, and Migrant Link, which organizes games and activities for the children of migrant workers, are examples of AISG designed and nurtured community service groups.

Global Citizenship Education Opportunities Across the Divisions

elementary students donating food to families in need
  • Baiyun Community Food Drive
  • Boy Scouts
  • Girl Scouts
  • LS Community Service
  • Connect 4 Cancer
  • Crossroads
  • Elder Care
  • Gender and Sexuality Association
  • Heart to Heart
  • Indifferent to Difference
  • Korean Culture Club
  • Migrant Link
  • Rams Reception
  • Roots and Shoots- People
  • Roots and Shoots- Animals
  • Roots and Shoots- Environment
  • Special Needs Union
  • The English Connection
  • Upper Secondary Union



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