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Our teachers are exceptional individuals who are passionate about bringing our mission to life and nurturing our students to be ready for a future that is theirs.


Our Mission, Vision, and Social Vision

AISG rests on the foundation of its mission, vision and social vision. We are proud that AISG exists to provide inclusive pathways to empower all learners to make a positive impact. In setting the standard in creating unique, transformative learning journeys, we have a clear understanding of what our school must become in order to accomplish our mission, giving us a sense of direction and a basis for continuous improvement.

Through unique and transformative learning experiences, our students are ready to create futures as they see fit for the individuals they are, each with a unique set of strengths, talents and dispositions to embrace life as it unfolds around them.

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A Commitment To Best Practice
A Commitment To Best Practice

To ensure that all students learn at high levels, educators at AISG work together in collaborative teams, Professional Learning Communities (PLC), and take collective responsibility for the success of each and every student.

Educators work systematically and interdependently to achieve common goals for which they are mutually accountable. This systematic process of collecting and sharing learning data enables our teachers to understand the individual learning needs of every student in their class and to plan for differentiated and dynamic instruction.

It’s a challenging and motivating approach to teaching, as well as being a great source of satisfaction when seeing students grow.


Our Vibrant RamNation

Our vibrant, positive community spirit, what we see as the heart of AISG, is one of our greatest assets. It is what sets us apart from other schools and makes our school such a fabulous environment to be a part of. We recruit faculty and staff who are not only highly-qualified, but who exemplify the spirit of the AISG community. We seek out optimists who wish to work amongst like-minded, open, caring people to create an environment in which students and adults alike thrive.

Our AISG community is a subset of the larger Guangzhou community which is itself also vibrant and engaging. A mixture of modern and traditional, the city is a blend of the surprising, the delicious, and the beautiful. Guangzhou is an exciting place to live offering a variety of modern amenities and access to fascinating traditions. Ini

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