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What is the AISG Training Center? AISG国际教育培训中心是什么呢?

Recognized locally, regionally and globally, the AISG Training Center provides high quality training in the areas of curriculum, teaching and learning, and student experience for international educators and local Chinese teachers in China and beyond.

Partnering with our own AISG educators and leaders in the education industry, the AISG Training Center aims to provide a diverse set of training opportunities that will equip educators with research-based tools and best practices. Bookmark and check this page often for the latest offers and to register for an event.

AISG的国际教育培训中心在当地,大湾区,甚至于全球范围内为国际教育工作者和中国以及其他地区的汉语教师提供高质量的课程、教学和学生国际化教育的高品质体验。 AISG国际教育培训中心为我们的老师提供专业提升的平台。






Ping Wang AISG Secondary Chinese Teacher

K-12 Reader and Writer Workshop K-12 中文阅读与写作教学策略

Besides talking about the basic concepts and structures of Balanced Literacy, the workshop leader focused on what our school needs to improve. The highlights of the workshop are: using rubrics from different grades to help differentiation in class; DP design to unpack learning and transfer; teaching writing in groups. Also, the workshop leader provided us many useful resources we can use in class right away. 除了介绍“均衡读写”的基本概念和结构,工作坊更侧重于我们学校的特别需求。工作坊的一些亮点有:用不同年级的评分表来帮助课堂的差异化教学;如何用“迷你课堂”设计IBDP课程;小组写作教学。同时,工作坊还为我们提供很多马上能在教学中使用的资料。

Ping Wang, AISG Secondary Chinese Teacher AISG中学部中文老师

AISG Chinese Team

K-12 Reader and Writer Workshop K-12 中文阅读与写作教学策略

We learned practical strategies that we could implement right away! The resources shared provided us with excellent tools and ideas. 我们在这个课程中学到了很多实用的教学策略!同时,这个课程中分享的资料给予我们很多很好的教学工具和教学想法。

AISG Chinese Team AISG中文组

Chris McCarthy Secondary School English Teacher

K-12 Reader and Writer Workshop

We value their knowledge, professionalism, and responses to our requests for adjustments in focus as we fine-tuned our work, our teaching, and our instruction. Overall, we were happy with the professional development opportunities and only wish that it could have been face-to-face!

Chris McCarthy, AISG Secondary School English Teacher

Katie Dean Secondary School English Teacher

K-12 Reader and Writer Workshop

I felt like each session had specific goals, targets, and focus, and I was able to follow and imagine these things in my own classroom in a concrete way. This is something I've struggled with when I was first introduced to the workshop model--how to keep everything organized and how to practically get started. Seeing all the tables, organizational tools, and charts to help stay focused, and talking about long-range planning strategies while trying to remain adaptable in the day to day was really good.

Katie Dean, AISG Secondary School English Teacher

Lydia Van Berkhout AISG PYP Coordinator

Play-Based Learning with Duane Smith

Working with Duane has been inspirational and just the boost of energy and content our team needed to enhance our program, align practices and re-ignite the passion inside us to be the best and most "playful" early years educators we can be! Fantastic learning opportunity!

Lydia Van Berkhout, AISG PYP Coordinator

Karen Robb-Pre-Kindergarten Teacher

Play-Based Learning with Duane Smith

Working with Duane Smith on play-based learning has helped me to explore my own practices and reflect on the continuum between child-directed and teacher-directed learning. We explored how schemas can help us to see the working theories that children are investigating and how they express their thinking through repeated patterns of behavior. Our sessions led to ideas that I could implement immediately in my classroom and provided insight into documentation and planning based upon the children's interests. Duane's gentle manner and sense of humor fits perfectly with working with young children and adults alike!

Karen Robb, AISG Preschool Teacher

Joshua Neufeld-Gr.1 Teacher

Introduction to Positive Peer Coaching

The Positivity Playground has ignited a passion in me to help build faculty and staff wellbeing! The learning experiences challenged me to gain a deeper understanding of myself and reflect on ways I can leverage my strengths to help me achieve meaningful goals in life.

Joshua Neufeld, AISG Gr.1 Teacher