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Ersha Island

Our Ersha Island campus is located in the heart of bustling Guangzhou City and is home to our Preschool and Elementary students.

a play structure on the elementary campus
the AISG library
AISG Elementary School anti-bullying event with 2 students painting a tree with students handprints
AISG Elementary School students playing soccer in the field
AISG Elementary School students playing in an activity
AISG Elementary School after-school activity with teacher teaching students crochet
An AISG elementary student enjoying the obstacle course in Ersha
picture of books in the elementary school library
AISG Elementary School class with teacher all sitting in a circle
picture of the elementary school courtyard
AISG Elementary School after-school activity with students building with legos
AISG Elementary School outdoor playground with students playing
picture of the AISG elementary school building

Our 3 to 5 year-old  students attend class in the Ersha Campus blue building, separated from the main building which houses Grades 1 through 5. Our 3 and 4 year-olds have a private playground with equipment that is age and size appropriate, giving them the opportunity to play and develop their social skills in a safe and developmentally-appropriate space.

Facilities also include two additional playground structures for our older Elementary School students, an outdoor basketball court, a sandbox, an air-conditioned multi-purpose room, a nurse office, and an air-conditioned gymnasium that houses a full size basketball court.

The library houses over 20,000 volumes of curriculum-related resources and literature for students’ leisure and enrichment reading.


Science Park

Our Secondary students in Grades 6-12 attend classes at the Science Park campus.

AISG Science Park campus with grand staircase and open space
Science Part Theater Lobby
AISG Science Park campus with blue breakout rooms
AISG Science Park campus with orange breakout rooms
AISG secondary school innovation with green room
AISG secondary school open learning space classrooms
AISG secondary school library with over 17,000 books
AISG secondary school campus cafe, Oxygen
AISG secondary school store, RamShack, with a view of entire store that has everything you need to show your AISG pride

Our purpose-built facilities at Science Park include a state of the art 499-seat theater, a brand new building of 8,475m2 with four floors of classrooms and administrative offices, including pathfinder hallways, adjustable walls, and innovative furniture to provide varying learning environments, a cutting-edge innovation lab, a cafeteria and cafe area, a nurse's office, an art room kiln, and creative multimedia and performing arts spaces.

Our athletics facilities include the largest, natural grass soccer pitch of any other international school in Guangzhou and its state-of-the-art multi-purpose facility is  planned for completion in the fall of 2023 that will include an indoor swimming pool, two gymnasiums, fitness rooms, external climbing wall, two rooftop spaces for outdoor learning as well as full educational suite for instruction. 

The campus library houses more than 15,000 volumes of curriculum-related resources and literature for our students' leisure and enrichment reading as well as around 3,000 ebooks and audio books, 40 magazines, and 25 databases.

The most recent and exciting addition to the campus is its full renovation of the 13,979m2 academic wing with enhancements that include a centralized learning atrium flooded with natural light, flexible learning spaces and innovation labs. To support expansion, a parking lot is also underway that will be housed under the soccer field and connected to the newly built athletics facility.


Campus Services


icon for bus


The AISG bus service is the most popular and recommended mode of transport for our students traveling between home and school each day. 

More than 28 buses serve 21 routes across most parts of the city and surrounding areas.


icons for nurse

School Nurse

AISG partners with Global Doctors to provide medical support for students and faculty in the event of an injury or illness. A registered nurse is located on each campus as well as an athletic trainer in the Upper Secondary Athletic Department.

Our bilingual, fully registered nurses are on duty during school hours and on campus sporting events. All Global Doctors staff are fully trained with regularly maintained certifications for First Aid, CPR, AED and Epi-pen use. 

icon for cafeteria

Food and Nutrition

Our purpose-built commercial kitchen provides daily meals prepared on-site for all students, offering a wide variety of nutritionally balanced meal options each day.

Many students use the prepaid lunch card system which enables them to purchase their food without cash. 


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