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AISG Elementary School students walking in line behind teacher
Nurturing Successful Students in School and in Life


When our students walk through the door in the morning, they are greeted by opportunities to learn academics, to navigate social networks, to explore feelings and emotions, and to become responsible and productive members of the AISG community and the world. This is not an easy task. 

The AISG guidance program is founded on the belief that positive relationships and personal well-being underpin academic success. At each grade level, our counselors assist students in the process of clarifying their own strengths and growth areas, responsibilities, and potential through individual and group meetings. Our evidence-based International School Counselor Association (ISCA) standards model provides a strong focus on social-emotional, academic, and interpersonal counseling, as well as counselor-led parent education opportunities for the AISG community. 

All of our qualified counselors provide individual, group, classroom and advisory lessons, are responsive to individual and group needs as they arise, provide community education to parents, and collaborate with faculty including EAL and Learning Support departments to support students.

Counseling in the Early Years

Our Early Years guidance curriculum starts with teaching essential skills for classroom and social-emotional learning, from learning about listening, focusing and speaking up for what students may need or want, to the basics of empathy skills. A key part of the program is spent practicing looking at facial and body clues in order to know how someone might be feeling. The Early Years guidance program supports a developmentally appropriate preparation for Pre-Kindergarten 4 year-old students to enter Kindergarten.


Counseling in the Elementary School

At the Elementary School level, students benefit from a structured, well developed social-emotional learning program known as the Second Step curriculum. Throughout the year, students participate in regularly scheduled lessons on topics including skills for learning, empathy and respect, emotion management, problem solving, child safety and bullying.

Counseling in the Lower Secondary

In Lower Secondary, social emotional learning is complemented by the Advisory program and health classes, which provide a framework of support to ensure students experience academic, social, and emotional success throughout their Lower Secondary journey. Students meet with their Advisory teachers once a week for extended lessons and activities developed specifically to nurture social-emotional health and teach interpersonal skills.

Counseling in the Upper Secondary

Our Upper Secondary counseling program aims to be comprehensive in scope, preventative in design, and developmental in nature. It is integral to the overall educational program and strives to reach every student to ensure success both in and outside of the classroom. Academic advising is a fundamental part of the program, in addition to supporting students with any personal or social concerns that may arise during their upper secondary years. Our goal is to ensure our students are future-ready when they graduate.

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