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AISG's Visual and Performing Arts program is designed to provide our students with experiences to develop curiosity, interest, and enjoyment of their own creativity and an appreciation for others’ work. 

Arts Festivals

AISG's extensive Visual and Performing Arts program gives our student artists the opportunity to participate in a wide variety of performing arts opportunities with other schools internationally and within China.

As a member of the Asia Pacific Athletics Conference (APAC), International School Theater Association (ISTA), the International School's Music Association of Guangzhou (ISMAG) and founder of the South East Asian Honors Orchestra Festival (SEA Festival), students are provided with regular opportunities to engage in a broad range of visual and performing arts festivals.


Visual Arts

The heart of AISG’s Visual Arts program is fostering a learning environment where all students feel welcome to exhibit their creativity. Through experimentation and self-expression, we provide students with the skills to produce art, to appreciate art, and to use art to make relevant connections to their lives. Our program inspires students to explore the visual world, build cultural awareness, and appreciate the aesthetic values of the man-made and natural objects around them.

The Elementary School Visual Arts program endeavors to be engaging, meaningful, and enjoyable. Given that students generally enter school at various stages of development and with different artistic experiences, the program is progressive and designed to build on students’ unique skills.  Aligned with PYP philosophy, students develop the practical aspects of art and design, studying and appreciating a range of artwork to develop an understanding of the creative world around them. We cultivate creativity, innovation, and abstract thinking through regular use of iPads and classroom Makerspaces at each grade level. We proudly display the work of our elementary students in Artsonia, the largest online museum for children’s artwork, and our students regularly represent the Guangdong Province in regional and national art competitions.  

In Lower Secondary, students take one semester of visual art in all three middle school grades. Each course features a drawing, painting, and 3D art component. In Upper Secondary, students may continue their art education by taking graphic design, film, studio art, or IB art.  

Extracurricular offerings include an open art studio and a ceramics club, held in our fully-equipped kiln.

Whether it’s in Pre-Kindergarten or Grade 12, the AISG Visual Arts program gives students the opportunity to share ideas and emotions that cannot be expressed in words alone.

An AISG Secondary School student painting
SY2021 AISG Speaker Series Huang Feng Rong painting mural with elementary students
students adjusting a fabric art piece on a mannequin
student creating paper mache
AISG students working on a paper mache art piece
student painting
An AISG elementary school student paining aluminum foil
AISG AAA Visual Arts
AISG AAA Visual Arts
AISG AAA Visual Arts


Performing Arts

The Performing Arts program at AISG is robust, comprehensive, and founded on the belief that Band, Strings, Choir, and Drama are part of a balanced and effective education. From Pre-Kindergarten to Grade 12, we provide students with experiences to develop curiosity, interest, enjoyment of their own creativity and an appreciation for the performances of others.  

Our Performing Arts program allows students a chance to be part of something bigger than themselves, while also nurturing creative thinking, empathy, self-reflection, collaboration skills, and self-discipline. We believe that students learn best when they are in an environment where they are encouraged to take risks and learn new things; therefore, we aim to not only develop technical and expressive competencies, but also to build confidence so that students see themselves as capable performers and musicians.  

In Elementary School, the heart of the Performing Arts program is discovering that we all have a musical body and that alone is the basis for making music. Through speech, songs, and children’s games, students explore and experiment in fun and energetic ways, learning fundamental musical concepts in a space that inspires inquiry, improvisation, and laughter. Aligned with PYP philosophy, our Performing Arts program is designed to capture the imagination and creativity of our children. Extracurricular offerings include Grade 2-3 choir, Grade 4-5 choir, an elementary-wide musical, and a talent show.

In Lower Secondary, students choose between Band, Strings, and Choir, and nurture their technical skills in their chosen discipline for all three years. The Lower Secondary music program allows students a full range of choice of instruments and gives students opportunities to participate in formal concerts and performances. In addition, students take a semester of drama in all three Lower Secondary years.  The Grade 6 course acquaints students with the basic elements of drama, the Grade 7 course focuses on movement and non-verbal performance, and the Grade 8 course hones students’ performance skills with an emphasis on character and voice. Every student in every grade participates in a final production in front of an audience of peers, parents, and teachers, that serves as a culminating activity for the course. These authentic performance experiences provide students the opportunity to reflect and evaluate their own work while developing receptiveness to performing arts across different times and cultures.

This philosophy continues into Upper Secondary, with program offerings that inspire students to develop a deeper understanding of their own identity as well as other cultural contexts that can be explored through performing arts. Students may continue their performing arts education by taking IB music, a course for which AISG’s scores have been consistently above the world average, or by sharing their talents in the much-anticipated annual Upper Secondary musical.

AISG’s facilities are purpose-built and equipped with high-quality instruments and flexible space. Our Science Park campus features a brand new state-of-the-art theater and music education classrooms. AISG is an ISTA (International Schools Theater Association) member school and we often host festivals for our students and other schools in the region. In addition, AISG regularly invites guest musicians to work with our students and complement our mission to nurture their passion for performing arts.  

Whether it’s on stage, solo, or part of an ensemble—at AISG, our students shine.


AISG Secondary School students in a play performance, %22Annie Jr%22
AISG Elementary School choir performing for the GEB Choir Contest
AISG AAA Performing Arts
AISG at APAC in Shanghai with dancers in blue light
AISG AAA Performing Arts
AISG Lower Secondary School drama performance of Monkey King with a sword fight between 2 actors and others watching
AISG Secondary School choir students performing with their teacher
AISG Fall Music Concert with the students in the band and their instruments
AISG AAA Performing Arts
AISG AAA Performing Arts
AISG AAA Performing Arts

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