2024 Satellite Ram Gatherings

It's time to catch up with your old friends from ASIG. Join us for the upcoming ASIG Satellite Ram Gatherings happening in multiple cities around the world!

🇹🇭 Bangkok, Thailand: Jan 11, 2024 (Casual Dinner)
🇺🇸 Los Angeles, USA: Feb 1, 2024
🇺🇸 San Francisco, USA: Feb 2, 2024 (Casual Dinner)
🇺🇸 New York, USA: Feb 6, 2024
🇨🇦 Toronto, Canada: Feb 8, 2024

We're excited to reconnect with Rams from all over and share new memories together. Don't miss out on this amazing opportunity to meet with AISG Director Kevin Baker and have some fun. More details will be released soon, so sign up now and stay tuned!