Golden Ram Club

an alumni event set up with a large presentation screen

About Legacy, Impact and Partnership

The Golden Ram Club is for people with capacity and interests to further support the mission, vision and strategic future initiatives of AISG. Support might take the form of but not limited to your passion for the school, special connections and relationships, gifts in kind, strategic partnership development, financial donation ability, and the giving of your time, talents, skills and expertise. 

The Golden Ram Club honors the relationship and desire of the members to help contribute to the long-term future to the school. Golden Ram Club members have demonstrated leadership in supporting the school each year in ways that make a difference to ensure that AISG extends it’s margin of excellence as the premier school in Guangzhou.

The purpose of the Golden Ram Club is to provide opportunity for the school to express our deepest appreciation and gratitude for your generosity and support of AISG.  It provides supporters with special connections, events, and opportunities to partner with and support the future vision of AISG.

For more information about the Golden Ram Club please contact Ms. Ava Xing, Deputy Director of Advancement via or +8620 3213 5555, Ext: 5420.