Founder & Director of 9212 Data - Nina Schneider

Nina has recently established 9212 Data LLC, a consultancy focused on impact assessment and sustainability reporting. Prior to starting her own company, Nina is an experienced data analyst already having served in the United Nations for 3 years. She enjoys multivariate statistical analysis and envisions an ideal world with smart data.

Nina Schneider joint AISG at the age of 5 and had studied at AISG for 13 years. After graduated from AISG in 2009, Nina attended New York University for a Bachelor of Science in Applied Psychology and Social Entrepreneurship. Having had a taste of the magic of data science applied for development, she left New York to pursue a Master of Science in Sustainable Development, Management, and Policy in Modul University Vienna. After receiving her Master's degree in Vienna, Nina was recruited by United Nations-ESCAP to work as a data and policy analyst in service to Asia-Pacific member states. She has consistently had a fascination with scientific evidence-based policy making to service sustainable development objectives.

In early 2018, she established 9212 Data LLC, a sustainable development impact assessment consultancy. Nina enjoys multivariate statistical analysis, and policy evaluation for economic development with respect to the environment. She envisions an ideal world with smart data, analyzed by conscientious professionals, to develop relevant insights that will bring forth a new paradigm shift in equitable and sustainable living for all. "I’m interested in sustainable development because it prioritizes equally economic prosperity, environmental integrity, and social benefits. This should be the benchmark of global activity and even our own career pursuits. Where and what you choose to work on must be beneficial to all of these dimensions; otherwise, you might be considered part of a systemic problem. Even though I am not a vegetarian or a zero-waste contributor, I value environmental protection and reducing climate change’s impact because of ecological economics." Nina said. 
Every seed contains an embryonic plant that sprouts and begins to grow when conditions are right. Nina reminisced her days dated back 10 years ago, "When I was in AISG, the teachers and administration provided the encouraging environment needed to nurture my interests all these years. In 2008, I submitted an application to establish the Crossroads Club, intended back then to become an NGO providing disaster relief and resilience efforts across China by collecting year-end extra production, housing it, and redirecting it to stricken regions. On both petitions, AISG listened and carved out space for us to pursue these goals. For this, I will always have the utmost respect and love for this academic institution." 
The world beyond high school is magnificent, incomprehensible, and full of potential – but only if you have the courage to make the difficult decisions. It has been ten years since Nina graduated from AISG, and since then, she has lived long-term in the United States, Austria, and Thailand, and visited more than 50 countries. 9212 Data is a new entrepreneurial venture for Nina but she has the faith and confidence in creating a better world through this organization. "In a world of 7.6 billion, it is arrogant to believe that you have the power to make a difference, yet this is what AISG did for me. They encouraged me to believe in my vision of a better world – and that, along with so many factors, has led me to the UN and beyond."

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