A Farewell from AISG Director, Dr. Bernadette Carmody


Dear AISG Community,

I have absolutely loved my time at AISG. I can’t believe how quickly five years has vanished. I am taking with me a host of very fond memories of the people with whom I’ve worked, and the projects in which we’ve engaged over these years, all of which have been filled with learning and fun.

With a mission to nurture future-ready individuals, AISG is positioning itself as a future-ready school. That’s significant! One of the essential elements of a future-ready school is learning spaces redesigned to help students gain and practice the skills and dispositions that will equip them for success in the future. AISG’s Master Plan Project signals significant advancement for the school. The great thing is that the different learning spaces will more easily facilitate a different type of learning that our teachers are eagerly embracing and wanting more opportunity to facilitate. The potentials are wonderful, indeed!

Next year, AISG anticipates our highest enrollment ever. Numbers have been steadily growing over the last five years, and this kind of development has many benefits. It not only places the school in a healthy financial position, securing future growth on solid footing, but it also allows us to strengthen the range of additional programs for students, as a part of the school day and as a part of the after-school activity programs. That’s very exciting!

The school has developed in a myriad of ways over the last five years, and it will continue to do so in the years ahead. 

As you might already be aware, my husband, Arnt, and I will be making our way to Amsterdam, Netherlands, where I will be the Director of the International School of Amsterdam. I look forward to keeping connected to the wonderful Ram community long after my tenure here has ended, after all: Once a ram, always a Ram!

I wish you all every happiness as a community in pursuit of dynamic, compassionate and connected learning. 

Have a safe and joyful summer holiday and thank you for making my time here at AISG so very special. 

Kind Regards,

Dr. Bernadette P. Carmody

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