AISG 2020 Summer Enrichment Program

AISG recently wrapped up its very successful Summer Enrichment Program that was held on our Ersha campus and facilitated by our Elementary School counselor, Hiromi Sawamura.

Click to watch the video, made by a High School student intern
There were two, two-week sessions, one from June 15 through June 26 and the other from July 27 through August 7. The program offered both on-campus and online courses to Pre-K through Grade 11 students and both were well attended with a total of 570 students. For Elementary School students, on-campus accounted for 250 students and online accounted for 130 students. For Grades 6-11 students, on-campus accounted for 60 students and online accounted for 130 students.

The Summer Enrichment Program was a free program offered to AISG students as an extension to their learning in response to the school’s closure due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The program provided opportunities to explore, create and learn in a fun, safe, and social environment.

“The AISG Summer Enrichment Program's huge success is built on our community's commitment to provide new, dynamic, connected and innovative learning experiences where our students can ignite and explore their passions and kindle their love and joy of learning with friends”, says Director Kevin Baker. “It is a place of community, laughter, discovery and fun! We are proud of the tremendous progress that all of our students made this summer and we are deeply appreciative of our leaders, faculty and staff that made this learning magic happen!"

The Summer Enrichment Program offered many diverse courses for our Elementary School students, such as STEM Challenges, Storytelling, Learning Plus, Language Arts, Art and Movement. For Middle School and High School students, many interesting courses were also offered, such as Behavioral Psychology, Studio Art, Business Studies, Writing and Editing, and Innovation and Design.

One of the highlights included 18 of our High School students who interned on-campus to assist the 21 teachers for Pre-K through Grade 5. Having their natural connection to the school created genuine relationships and great mentorship opportunities for the students.

Another wonderful development happened in the second session of the Summer Enrichment Program, where AISG was able to welcome back many students from families who had recently returned to Guangzhou after being away for six months. These students were away for so long, but all of them jumped right back into their familiar surroundings and were so happy to see their friends. They expressed their excitement in being able to learn in a classroom with a group of students and play with other children in the playground, something they had not been able to do for a long time.

Hiromi Sawamura, Elementary School Counselor, says, “I feel very fortunate that we were able to hold the Summer Enrichment Program during this unique time. It was made possible by the concerted effort of all the staff, teachers on the ground and online. Looking back, the program was organized only one month into the school reopening. It was amazing how we were able to pull together all the available resources and provide students, both within Guangzhou and outside of China, a valuable learning experience. I hope it has been a memorable summer for our students as it certainly has to me."

AISG thanks the faculty and High School interns for putting on a successful Summer Enrichment Program. We also want to thank the parents for their support by enrolling their children and encouraging this wonderful program. The Summer Enrichment Program that provided an extension for the regular school year is a testament of how the AISG community comes together to provide innovative solutions for dynamic, compassionate and connected learning. We now take this positive momentum to our quickly approaching start of the 2020-2021 school year!

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