AISG Alumni Magazine: IGNITE

We’re delighted to share the newly branded AISG Alumni Magazine IGNITE, featuring a specially commissioned theme, Calling all Rams: RECONNECT.

AISG Alumni Magazine IGNITE Contents Table

Our revised vision for AISG is to set the standard in creating unique, transformative learning journeys that will forge a globally connected community. As alumni, you are the backbone of this community. AISG believes that we are here not only to serve you during your time in Guangzhou, but for your entire career. Once a Ram, Always a Ram means that you are a Ram For Life! and our community is here to support you. This support starts with your reconnection!”

- Kevin Baker, Director

AISG Alumni Magazine IGNITE Feature Pages

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AISG Alumni Magazine IGNITE Feature Pages

Our thanks to everyone who shared their time and stories to create such a wonderful issue! 

Once a Ram, Always a Ram!

With over 5,200 located worldwide, AISG alumni form an integral part of our RamNation by helping deliver our mission to forge a globally connected community.Click here to learn more about AISG Alumni.

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