AISG Attends APAC Performing Arts Festival

Last week, our APAC choir, string orchestra, and dance team traveled to Shanghai to attend the APAC Performing Arts Festival. SASPX hosted the dance teams and CISS hosted the first-ever dual event of string orchestra and choir. Our performers have not been able to attend APAC since 2019 and were very excited to travel and collaborate with performers from other schools in such a creative setting.


At the APAC Dance Festival, our dancers explored different styles of dance during sessions that were taught by professional dancers. From modern contemporary to hip hop, students got to learn and experiment with a wide variety of styles while stepping out of their comfort zones. Groups were formed with students from different schools to create dance pieces from what they learned from the APAC experience, which also allowed them to interact, bond, and learn from each other while creating new friendships and enriching their dance skills.


Over two days, the chorus rehearsed for their culminating performance on Saturday evening. In addition to each school showcasing their ability by performing their own pieces, chorists joined together from the other schools to make an impressive 66-person chorus. Additionally, each choral director led the vocalists in one or two of the six APAC ensembles pieces, giving the students a chance to work with a different teacher. The collaborative pieces were truly a wonderful achievement, and everyone felt proud of what they learned.

String Orchestra

Similar to the choir format, the string orchestra performed pieces with their own school in addition to a collaborative piece that combined all the orchestras from the other schools. This unique opportunity included students spending 19 hours in rehearsals and sectionals, learning how the parts fit together and how to work as a team. It also gave the students a chance to work with new conductors and to match their phrasing and interpretation of the music. The reward for everyone was the beautiful sound of such a large orchestra where everyone feels a deep sense of accomplishment after all their hard work.

We are thrilled to be able to attend APAC again after two years and our performers and teachers alike were glad to be able to enjoy being with other musicians, catch up with old friends, and spend a few days immersing themselves in creativity. The next APAC tournament will take place in January for basketball, swimming, and table tennis.



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