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AISG employs a full-time college counselor to facilitate the application process. The college counselor is there not only for the students, but also for the parents, offering a tailor-made, individualized college plan aimed at connecting students to pathways and college programs they are passionate about pursuing.

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Our College Counselor

AISG's current college counselor is Dr. Justin Walker, whose high-level profile and extensive expertise ensure AISG's outreach and reputation in the college circuit.

Continuing the conversation from last article on how there is a ‘new normal’ for college admissions, in this article you will learn some TOP TIPS for student applications.

As a quick refresher from the last article, a new approach is needed when applying to universities. The world of admissions is not only changing, but more places are becoming attractive destinations that were previously never considered by most students. We must change our minds and approaches if we hope to keep up and take advantage of the amazing opportunities that await this generation of graduates. Here are some great tips to navigate the ‘new normal’ of college admissions.

AISG College Counselor Prepping Juniors and Seniors

Tour and Attend  

Go on virtual tours and attend information sessions. This is the new equivalent of the college representatives visit and it is more convenient than ever. If you are applying to a school and do not do this, you are not a serious applicant.

Demonstrate Interests  

While not all schools track it, some do, and regardless, it benefits you to dive into a school in which you are applying. Follow them on social media. Get on their mailing list and open everything they send you. Dive deeper into the website than just the admissions page. They are watching.

Stand Out  

If you watch YouTube and listen to a kid tell you all the ways they got in at Stanford, you are wasting your time. They don’t know why. They just did (or are lying). If lots of other people are doing something, it becomes less impressive. Many students from China (and other places) gravitate to the same activities and think these are the key to admission. They are likely not.

  • Instead, take advantage of what few others are doing. Find an internship and contribute over a year or two (AISG is partnering with many companies to provide this experience). Do research and try to get it published. Take a club or organization to the next level and see if you can impact change (get the media or celebrities involved, have the government help, etc.).

Work With the Counselor 

AISG students have access to a full-time college counselor. If used correctly, this will improve all aspects of the application, from letter of recommendations to essay, activities list and even researching unique schools.

Apply Elsewhere  

The more selective a school, the less likely multiple students from any one school are going to get in; it’s just about diversity. Only 43% of AISG graduates went to the US last year. The world is full of top-notch institutions of higher education, and many places provide premier education at rates much more affordable than the United States. People should feel comfortable exploring the options that work for them.

Apply Early

Applying to the UK, Canada, places in Europe, and the US (ED/EA/Rolling) all may have advantages for the student. Getting an application accepted in one location provides feedback about how other applications may go, as well as gives peace of mind to the student that there is a viable option.

Have a Plan B  

With a record number of applications hitting universities (and no more extra seats added), students need to think broader. There is no “first-choice”. There is only a list of viable options, any of which would be a great fit for the student. When students think like this, they are much more likely to be happy with the university they attend.

AISG College Counselor talks with a student

At AISG, this valuable counseling insight is one of the many reasons why AISG is The Premier International School in Guangzhou. To learn more, check out our College Counseling website.

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