AISG Hong Bao Campaign

A time to give in so many ways

The AISG Annual Fund celebrated the Chinese New Year with its annual Hong Bao campaign. The campaign is a fundraiser for the Annual Fund, but more importantly, it is our annual event that celebrates the ‘beauty of giving’ in many different ways. Here are some examples.

Students celebrated the ‘beauty of giving’ with their artwork contributions. Students submitted their artwork that they created on their own time with the hope that it is chosen as one of the 12 student-designed Hong Bao envelopes. This tradition started three years ago and its popularity has grown tremendously. This year, 56 artwork pieces were submitted! This brought about a new opportunity this year for us to celebrate ALL of the artwork during our Hong Bao celebration on February 9.

The AISG community celebrated ‘the beauty of giving’ with their donation. Donations were collected with the purchase of a set of student-designed Hong Bao envelopes and individual pledges. The donations go to the Annual Fund and is also a symbol of appreciation of the student artwork on the envelopes. Gifts of all sizes were welcome with the key message, "it’s important that you give, not how much you give.”

The AISG community celebrated ‘the beauty of giving’ with their writing of New Year wishes. Everyone has a new year’s wish and as a connected community, we came together and celebrated each other’s wishes with the tradition of writing them on Hong Bao envelopes and hanging them on a peach blossom tree. May all the wishes be fulfilled and everyone have a prosperous and happy Chinese New Year!

The AISG Annual Fund celebrates ‘the beauty of giving’ with its offering of enrichment opportunities. Currently, this is provided through our Speaker Series Program, which brings fascinating people with their captivating stories into our school to inspire, enlighten and transform learning for our students. The speakers are invited to AISG from all over the world, and through sharing their experiences, they will touch the minds and hearts of the members of the AISG Community and beyond.

AISG’s Future
AISG community’s donations and wishes celebrate ‘the beauty of giving’ with its endorsement of AISG’s future. These gifts were an endorsement of the school we love and showed commitment and support of the school’s mission and vision. Through these gifts, our AISG community provides opportunities for current and future students to make a positive impact on the world.

In summary, we are grateful and thankful for all the ways in which our AISG community celebrates the ‘beauty of giving’ with our Hong Bao Campaign. It is a wonderful tradition that truly exemplifies our strength as a connected community. Happy Chinese New Year!

students creating envelopes for giving at the Hong Bao celebration
a girl hangs a giving envelope on the peach blossom tree
a student contributes her artwork for the giving envelopes
an envelope hangs on the giving tree
a family at the hong bao celebration
a girl shows her self designed envelope for giving
a girl puts envelopes on a giving tree at the HongBao celebration
four women posting with their servings of tea at the hongbao celebration
playing a stringed instrument
a group of student sings during the hongbao celebration
pouring tea from a pot
members of the aisg community showing the beauty of gifts with envelopes

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