AISG International Baccalaureate Results 2021

Along with celebrating where our Class of 2021 will be going for university, we are also celebrating their exceptional IB results.

2021 AISG IB Results

Out of 49 seniors, 42 students were full diploma students. Of these full diploma candidates, 12 earned bilingual diplomas and 8 students were in the National Honor Society. Our average IB score was 36.4 out of 45, outpacing the world average of 33!

Our mean exam score of 5.85 (7 being a perfect score) also outpaced the world average of 5.33, an improvement from last year’s 5.67. Another incredible feat was that 14 of our 42 diploma candidates earned a score of over 40. The highest score earned this year was a 44, incredible! Great work, students!

For the American International School of Guangzhou, however, success means more than just high grades. When it comes to the IB Diploma Program (IBDP), the school believes in an inclusive approach. All students in Grade 11 are given the choice whether they want to take on the full diploma program.

Our new IB Coordinator Matthew Wood summarized, “I am extremely impressed with the results the graduating class received. These results could not have been possible without a lot of hard work and dedication as well as fantastic teaching happening in the classroom. I thoroughly look forward to helping maintain these high standards in the coming years.”

AISG is proud to have a strong IBDP program, nurturing our students for a successful future in university and beyond. It is a rigorous program that is the world’s gold standard academic preparation program for university. Students learn to be independent and critical thinkers, disciplined, and creative across subject areas of their choice.

This, along with our expansive roster of community service, athletics, and activities, provides our students with the tools they need to enter top universities all around the world. For a full list of university acceptances, read our post “Class of 2021 University Acceptances” in our Featured News section on our website! Go Rams!  

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