AISG Training Center: Featuring Kristin Lowe

Imagine a working environment where...

  • People focus more on strengths - what’s right with themselves and others - rather than what’s “wrong.”
  • Teams and individuals know how to generate multiple, flexible pathways to achieving goals.
  • Employees are confident, able to handle challenges and new situations with a “can do” attitude.
  • Everyone has strong coping skills and “bounce-back” muscles that help them grow through difficult circumstances.
  • People view situations with realistic optimism and don’t worry about things they can’t control.
  • Employees are able to generate more positive emotions and manage negative emotions effectively.
  • Teams and individuals think less about problems and focus more on solutions, opportunities, and possibilities.

This is the culture built through Positive Peer Coaching and Kristin Lowe has a tremendous amount of experience to help you set the stage.

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Kristin Lowe Workshop

July 21

The quality of our professional relationships impacts our wellbeing every day. What if your staff members interacted with each other in ways that build wellbeing, energy, and performance through daily conversations? In this session we'll introduce a strengths-based, solutions-focused peer coaching methodology that does exactly that. This approach equips teaching and non-teaching staff members with evidence-based positive psychology coaching skills they can use to support colleagues in 1:1 conversation, through group coaching sessions, and during regular meetings.

About Kristin Lowe:

Kristin Lowe is a former international school teacher who currently works as an Organizational Development Consultant and is also a Certified Positive Psychology and Brief Solutions-Focused Coach. She has a strong passion for utilizing the tools and principles of positive psychology to foster positivity and well-being among the wider community of international school leaders, teachers, staff, and parents.

What is the AISG Training Center?
Recognized locally, regionally and globally, the AISG Training Center provides high quality training in the areas of curriculum, teaching and learning, and student experience for international educators and local Chinese teachers in China and beyond.
Partnering with our own AISG educators and leaders in the education industry, the AISG Training Center aims to provide a diverse set of training opportunities that will equip educators with research-based tools and best practices. Click here to learn more about the AISG Training Center.

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