AISG Training Center: Featuring Nicholas Thompson

Are you a parent or teacher wanting to connect with the adolescents in your life? Nick Thompson's philosophy is centered on a holistic, client-centered approach that focuses on the physical, mental, social, and emotional person as a whole. He believes that building authentic, supportive relationships with adolescents is the key to their success and development. In Nick Thompson's workshop, you'll learn how to build these types of relationships based on empathy, genuineness, and unconditional positive regard and help them reach their full potential and thrive.

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Nicholas Thompson Workshop

July 19 or July 20

Adolescent RISE is a presentation that takes a fun and in-depth look at the developmental period of adolescence (ages 10 – 25). It includes debunking myths about adolescence, understanding the four qualities of adolescence (risk-taking, identity formation, social reorientation, and emotional intensity), and learning about the adolescent brain. With this foundation established, ways to better support our kids will be discussed.

About Nicholas Thompson:

Nicholas Thompson is a licensed clinical social worker with a private practice in Boulder, Colorado, and lots of experience working in schools with kids. Nicholas is also an experienced therapist and speaker who understands adolescence, and he comes with bounds of energy and optimism promising you an hour of fun and knowledge about this crazy age of life.

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