AISG Wishes You A Happy Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year at AISG has a rich tradition of celebrating Chinese culture and involving the entire AISG community. This year, while it looked a bit different without parents and vendors on campus due to COVID restrictions, the result was just as impressive in showcasing and appreciating the Chinese culture. Most notably, this situation led to more student involvement and student leadership opportunities that directly align with our mission and vision at AISG.

On the Ersha campus, the Chinese New Year celebration is traditionally called Chinese Culture Day at AISG and is theme-based. The theme this year was ‘Discovering the Silk Road,’ the world’s longest trade route where east meets west. Through the decorations, activities and performances students learned all about its important significance.

dressed in costumes students are performing during the culture celebration

Students from different cultures performed, which symbolized the diversity experienced during the silk road’s overland journey. Also, activities were organized by dynasty for students to learn more about their role in this historical period. With the help of parent volunteers and the vast student participation, the celebration was a great success!

girls dancing in a performance at CNY

On the Science Park campus, students took the lead, as is a common practice in secondary school. Students went on stage in their beautifully-equipped AISG theater, performing for their classmates by dancing, singing and playing instruments that are traditional in the Chinese culture. In between acts, students participated in a fun trivia competition to learn more about the importance of the Chinese New Year holiday. Much fun and learning took place!

We wish everyone a very Happy Chinese New Year and welcome The Year Of The Ox. May your wishes and good fortune come true! niú nián kuài lè

students wearing traditional costumes for the CNY culture celebration
students participating in games and activities during the culture day celebration
two girls doing an activity during the CNY culture celebration
a group of CNY participants poses for a group picture
dressed in garb celebrating the silk road era of chinese history
a group of students performing on stage during the chinese culture day celebration
science park students on stage during a celebration of CNY
three girls dressed in costumes celebrating the silk road
elementary girls dressed in ancient chinese dress
a boy is wearing a with ox horns on it during the culture day celebration


young students singing at CNY
five girls singing in a performance at CNY
a young student sings into a microphone during the culture day celebration

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