An Update to AISG's Social Practice Program

What is the AISG Social Practice Program?  

The AISG Social Practice Program provides a professional learning experience for our Upper Secondary students to gain meaningful, practical real work experience related to a field of study or career interest. Like an internship, our Social Practice Program places students for a period of time in a company working directly with their employees.  


What do students gain from the Social Practice program?  

This is the second year that AISG has been running the Social Practice Program. Besides the experience that students can gain, students also gain a lot of essential skills, such as preparing for a professional interview and working with company employees that requires social communication skills as well as professional skills at certain industries.   


Who’s partnering with AISG for the Social Practice Program?

When AISG finds a partner for their Social Practice Program, the company holds a Promotion Conference for the Upper Secondary students so that they have a better understanding of the company and what opportunities they are providing.  

37 Interactive Entertainment has been our partner for the Social Practice Program for over three years. They have provided opportunities for our Upper Secondary students to learn from different areas about the game industry, including art design, game design, marketing, and the social responsibility that a gaming company takes. During this year’s Promotion Conference, three AISG students participated in the presentation sharing how their experience created a deeper curiosity into the gaming industry and gave their recommendations.

A new partner this year for the Social Practice Program is Yatsen Global (YSG). YSG is a young but fast-growing company in the e-commerce industry. In November, YSG held a successful Promotion Conference for our Grade 10 and 11 students offering them the chance to explore and experience projects in the areas of content marketing, brand creative, and creative production.


Industries in the Future

AISG’s Social Practice Program is a fitting example of how AISG offers transformative learning experiences for students seeking to identify their interests while making a positive impact in our world. This is an exciting program that continues to grow as we partner with more companies and expand into more industries. We will continue to update our community as we keep adding to the program.


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