Appreciation Lunch

Our PTA organized an incredible appreciation lunch for our faculty and staff. Our caregivers were asked to bring in dishes, and they went all out with dishes from so many different cuisines, which left everyone going back for seconds and even thirds!

Every detail was carefully considered to create a welcoming atmosphere, from the beautifully decorated tables with fresh cut flowers to the labeled dishes that accommodated dietary needs. The appreciation and gratitude were evident as everyone eagerly enjoyed their meals and engaged in conversation, fostering the strong sense of community that AISG is renowned for.

Thank you to our PTA and caregiver community for all the hard work they put in to make our faculty and staff feel appreciated and cared for. It was definitely the highlight of the day that everyone was talking about!

Our Parent Teacher Association works to create a deeper sense of community and involvement for all AISG students and families. Click here to learn more about AISG PTA.

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