Celebrating Student Achievements

Last week, the annual Athletics and Activities Awards ceremony was held to recognize the Upper Secondary students who had devoted their time, energy, and passion to their extracurricular activities. It was a remarkable evening, where we looked back at all the highlights and achievements our students had througout the year.

In Upper Secondary, we celebrated students who participated in performing arts, athletics, academics, and technology and innovation activities. During the ceremony, many achievements and awards were celebrated, from individual efforts to team efforts. It was inspiring to see how much work our students had put into honing their skills and improving their crafts.

During the ceremony, coaches and directors gave speeches to celebrate the achievements of each team or ensemble. The stories of personal growth were the highlight of the evening and were inspirational. At AISG, we impart on our students that it’s not the awards or the amount of tournament wins that are the most important, but personal growth, determination, and passion.

The finale of the evening was the presentation of the big awards, including Performers of the Year, Athletes of the Year, and the most prestigious, the Scott Mohr Award. These were awarded to those who had gone above and beyond and had truly dedicated themselves to their passions.

AISG boasts the most extensive athletic and activities program of any international school in South China and has over 190 students participating in our signature programs, with 225 games, tournaments, and performances taking place this year. That's an astounding amount of activities or an Upper Secondary school with 232 students!

Congratulations to all the students who received awards and participated in extracurricular activities, and a heartfelt thank you to all the coaches, mentors, and teachers who helped guide them along the way.

At AISG, we offer an array of athletics and activities which allow students to pursue their passions. These opportunities are offered as after-school activities and exploratory activities across the AISG curriculum. Click here to learn more about AISG activities.

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