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Child Protection Awareness Month at AISG

Did you know that November has been Child Protection Awareness Month at AISG Elementary School? Several initiatives took place during the month to ensure that AISG is a “Child Safe Zone.”

graphic image that says Child Protection Awareness

The month was kicked off with the unveiling of the purple Child Protection Awareness banner at the ErSha entrance and the distribution of purple buttons for faculty and staff, and temporary purple tattoos for students stating “Child Safe Zone.” Purple was chosen to represent this initiative.

an arm with a tattoo on it that says AISG Child Safe Zone
a purple button that says Child Safe Zone

Parents were an important part of this initiative. Our Guidance Counselors and Elementary School Administration hosted a virtual parent coffee where parents received tips on speaking to their child(ren) about child protection.

graphic image describing ways for children to stay safe
image with text on it describing the AISG structure for protecting children

During the month, AISG Guidance Counselors taught students the ‘Three R Rules’: Recognize, Refuse and Report, to teach them how to keep safe. This was accompanied by these three important lessons:

  • Personal Safety. Students learned skills to stay safe by deciding if something is safe or not, assert and reject unsafe situations and report to an adult in case something happens.
  • Touching Safety. Students learned about safe, unsafe, and unwanted touches, and rules about touching private body parts. They’ll also learned to say no to unsafe or unwanted touches, and to tell an adult if someone breaks rules about touching private body parts.
  • Never Keep Secrets. Students learned to report a broken touching rule until they receive help from an adult.
gymnasium filled with children listening to a program on how to stay safe

The administration also updated their ‘Visitor and Volunteer Code of Conduct’ with new purple visitor badges and a new purple sign at the entrance. These updates demonstrate to anyone who comes on campus that AISG has a long-term commitment to be a “Child Safe Zone.”

The Child Protection Awareness Month was completed successfully with an Elementary School assembly at the end of the month. Everyone wore purple to show their solidarity and their awareness of how important it is for the community to learn the vital skills in keeping our children safe.

students sitting on the floor listening to a program about keeping safe
a man is talking to students about keeping safe
students line up to attend as assembly at school
man speaking to students on how to stay safe
4 little girls making faces with an adult

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