Class of 2021 Student Spotlight: Maya Han Taylor

For our Student Spotlight this week, we connected with Maya Han Taylor to discuss her time at AISG, her goals for university in Boston, and how she was inspired to become a future teacher.


Now that your senior year has ended, was there any moment or event this past year that made a defining impact or lasting impression?

My last musical performance at AISG was an extremely fun and memorable experience, my last choral concert was surreal, and graduating brought me one step closer to realizing that Secondary School was coming to an end. It’s difficult to think about a specific impactful moment, but the “last” performances and memories with my classmates made an impression on me and reminded me of all I have to be thankful for in the midst of this strange end [due to the global pandemic] to my time at AISG.


How did the IB curriculum affect your perspective towards education?

The IB curriculum helped me to be even more meticulous about how I work and helped me set the realistic goals for myself. There were definitely a lot of long nights and stressful moments, but I think the IB made me realize how to balance academic performance, health, and fun outside of classes.


In regards to the outbreak of COVID-19, what was the biggest challenge you faced and how did you overcome it?

Even though I didn’t spend much time attending online classes relative to some of my classmates, that period was difficult for me in terms of feeling motivated and keeping up with all of my work from home. I found out that I really perform better and thrive in a classroom setting where I can work, interact with my friends, and ask (lots of) questions in person. I really appreciated the guidance and countless Microsoft Teams conversations with my teachers, who not only dealt with me, but also supported me and were so understanding.


Where will you be going to college and what are you looking forward to the most?

I will be going to Boston College in the fall! I’m really looking forward to continuing to be involved in choirs, theater groups, and musicals. I’m also excited to dive deep into English and Secondary Education while getting to take advantage of the service opportunities and fun groups at BC. Other than that, I’m just looking forward to exploring what Boston has to offer, especially as both of my parents attended college there.


What at AISG has prepared you for your adult future?

AISG’s faculty has probably been the biggest part in preparing me. I’ve been inspired to want to be the best English educator I can be in the future by Mr. Webster, Mr. McCarthy, and Ms. Barga. Mrs. Richardson, Mrs. Lyso, Mr. Bott, and Mr. Boyd also encouraged and helped me to improve my skills as a performer. AISG’s college counseling program was especially impactful as Dr. Walker was (and is) a huge source of support for me during and after the college application process. Thanks to AISG, my teachers, my friends, and others I interacted with around campus, I’m more organized, flexible when it comes to unexpected changes, a better communicator, and I’m ready to move into this next part of my life.


What does being part of the RamNation mean to you?

To me, being part of the RamNation means that I’m in a community of caring people whom I can always reach out to. It’s about the relationships and memories I’ve made over these past 3 years - which I will cherish for… a long time.


What accomplishments do you dream to achieve in the next five years and how will your education at AISG help you achieve these?

In the next five years, I will be making the most of my time in college (and hopefully graduating). I’m looking forward to studying to be an English educator, getting field experience, wholly involving myself in many ways, finding a church community, and learning to be more independent, especially in that fifth year. AISG has helped me to be academically prepared and ready for what is coming up for me.


Extracurriculars, awards, and athletic achievements while at AISG:

  • US Choir Ensemble
  • Secondary Musical
  • National Honor Society (President)
  • APAC Choir
  • APAC Theater
  • The English Connection
  • US Media Crew
  • Varsity Table Tennis
  • Quiz Bowl
  • Highest Honor Roll 18-21
  • APAC Choir Most Valuable Performer 18-19, 19-20
  • APAC Theater Most Improved Performer 19-20
  • APAC Theater Coaches’ Choice Award 19-20
  • Performing Arts Student of the Year 19-20, 20-21
  • Secondary Musical Most Valuable Performer 20-21
  • Varsity Table Tennis Girls Most Improved Player 20-21
  • StuCo Community Spirit Award 20-21
  • Honorary Student Speaker at Graduation

Congratulations to Maya for completing her studies at AISG and we wish her the best on her journey to Boston. Once a Ram, Always a Ram!

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