Class of 2022 Alumni Spotlight: Bobo Leung

This week’s Alumni Spotlight features Bobo Leung, who now heads to her next adventure to university to explore more of her passions and taking with her a strong bond with RamNation. This year's newest alumni have shown massive adaptability, studying and graduating during a hugely uncertain time. Let’s have a look at how Bobo overcame it and what her advice is for current students.

AISG Class of 2022 Graduation Student Speech

Now that your senior year has ended, was there any moment or event this past year that made a defining impact or lasting impression? 

The senior lock-in was one of my favorite memories from the past year. This event allowed our class to bond properly one last time before we graduated high school. There were two specific moments during the senior lock-in that really created a lasting impression on me. First, the karaoke night we had in the theater, the way everyone sang every song regardless of how well we knew the lyrics. I found this to be one of the most defining moments of our class, the presence of a harmonious community. Second, the late-night conversations we had, reminiscing about our favorite moments from the past few years and remembering how we have created such a strong bond. This event really made graduation a lot more difficult than it already was. 

AISG Class of 2022 Group Photo at SP Campus

How did the IB curriculum affect your perspective towards education? 

The IBDP is definitely a content-heavy curriculum. It is well-known for its well-roundedness in both the extracurriculars and academic fields. Indeed, with 6 courses, the Extended Essay, the Theory of Knowledge course, and Creativity, Activity, Service (CAS) integrated into two years, it is a lot to manage and stay on top of. I wouldn’t say that I was ever one to favor academics or extracurriculars over the other, but I did have trouble balancing the two. Though, instead of having to pick one, the IBDP allowed me to realize that it is crucial to find a balance between the two. This prompted me to select a few activities, such as Volleyball and community services, that I was truly interested in and pushed me to have a healthier balance between academics and fun. 

AISG Class of 2022 Sports Group Photo

In regards to the outbreak of COVID-19, what was the biggest challenge you faced and how did you overcome it? 

The biggest challenge I faced during the outbreak of COVID-19 was my inability to stay motivated. Especially during the beginning of the outbreak, I had trouble keeping up with assignments. This was partly because of the confusion and uncertainty that the whole world was dealing with. During this time, it was hard to keep myself motivated to study because the plans I had for the year were no longer taking place. To overcome this, I re-established some of my goals (with adaptations regarding the pandemic), frequently joined calls with my teachers to stay up to date and called my friends often to collaborate and motivate each other. 

AISG Class of 2022 Dance Group Photo

Where will you be going to college and what are you looking forward to the most? 

I have yet to decide, but my top two options are Imperial College London and the University of Hong Kong. I am looking forward to not only their top tier education, but also the working/internship opportunities that these universities offer. While studying at the university, I hope to also take some time to travel around the world and broaden my scope. 

AISG Class of 2022 Four Seniors at Prom

This year we celebrated AISG’s 40th Anniversary. What thoughts or emotions come to mind and what does this mean to you? 

I feel sentimental and nostalgic at the same time. I have been part of the AISG community since Grade 3. From creating the ram artwork in Grade 5 that remains presented at the front gate of the elementary campus to watching the library become one of the main learning buildings, I feel that I have grown with AISG these past 10 years. I will miss the memories we have created, but at the same time, look forward to the new opportunities and changes I know AISG will continue to create. 

AISG Class of 2022 Graduation Girls' Group Photo

What advice do you have for current students to make the most of their experience at AISG? 

Have fun!!! It’s only when you’re about to leave that you realize what more you could’ve done, the tryouts you could’ve gone to, the clubs you could’ve joined. Not every school has the resources and opportunities AISG offers (my personal favorite will always be attending APAC with my Volleyball team). So, look for what you want or what will allow you to explore your passions. For me, AISG’s athletics program was exactly what I hoped it’d be, the competitions, the team bond, the mentality, all of it. If there is more that you aspire for, don’t be afraid to reach out, talk to your teachers, and admin, and create one yourself! 

AISG Class of 2022 Senior Playing with Kids

What accomplishments do you dream to achieve in the next five years and how will your education at AISG help you achieve these?

I will be in university for the next few years, exploring more of my passions. I also hope to travel the world, meet people from different places, and start my own career. AISG has exposed me to various cultures, guided me to step out of my comfort zone, and taught me to stay open-minded. These and many other skills I have learned here will allow me to achieve my goals. 

AISG Class of 2022 Group Photo

Bobo's extracurriculars/activities/awards/etc. at AISG: 

  • APAC Varsity Volleyball (2018, 2019, 2021)
  • Captain of Varsity Volleyball (2021)
  • Volleyball All APAC Award (2021)
  • Volleyball Coach’s Choice Award (2021)
  • Founder of Science Club
  • Model United Nations (2018, 2019, 2020, 2021)
  • Super APAC Varsity Basketball (2018)
  • Indifferent to Difference
  • National Honor Society
  • Honorary Student Speaker at Graduation
  • Highest Honor Roll
  • TEDxYouth@AISG Event (2022)
  • Varsity Badminton Most Improved Player (2021)

A well-deserved congratulations to Bobo Leung and all her classmates for finishing their last year at AISG. Go Rams!

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