Class of 2022 Alumni Spotlight: Robert Yuan

Today, we continue our Alumni Spotlight series with Robert Yuan, who calls AISG his second home and is a proud member of the Class of 2022. Read Robert’s story about his journey at AISG and how he was involved as part of the RamNation.

AISG 2022 Graduation Pic

Now that your senior year has ended, was there any moment or event this past year that made a defining impact or lasting impression? 

Moments like Color Run, MUN conferences, visiting trips, and all the other events are extremely memorable for me. However, the most impactful event for me is senior lock-in. I think the timing was meaningful because it was held on the last week of March, right before our final preparation for the IB exam and graduation. This unique experience has uplifted my love for AISG to another level which I now call my second home. I still remember how I was playing basketball in the gym with other boys because I haven't entered the gym for so long. Running on a court was like déjà vu because that was what I would do back in middle school. I was a bit nervous at first because I thought my teammates would yell at me, but all I received, at last, were compliments and encouragement. That was a powerful moment for me, and I will continue to return the love and share this AISG spirit in my future destination. 

AISG MUN three students

How did the IB curriculum affect your perspective towards education? 

The IB is one of the most rigorous curriculums around the world, which requires time and effort for us to gain remarkable grades. However, the IB not only gives us the knowledge but also gives us the ability to explore, investigate and learn. At the same time, TOK (Theory of Knowledge) and EE (Extended Essay) required by the IB allow us to explore our ability to investigate an unknown field or study. Thus, we have the ability to find usable data and draft a thesis.

AISG 2021 SP Dynasty Challenge

In regards to the outbreak of COVID-19, what was the biggest challenge you faced and how did you overcome it? 

I was extremely lucky that my education was not largely affected by covid-19. It is worth mentioning that I can minimize COVID-19 influence because our school managed to bring our teachers back to Guangzhou early, which made it easier for me to communicate with the teachers who were all in Guangzhou at the beginning of school. Thus, AISG allowed me to receive a high-quality education to the greatest extent during COVID-19 regulation. Additionally, as an MUN Officer and GIN Coordinator, COVID-19 played a huge impact on these two groups. Many face to face conferences were canceled for MUN due to COVID related regulation and GIN also faced issues like fundraising difficulties and travel restrictions.

AISG 2022 Model United Nation

Where will you be going to college and what are you looking forward to the most? 

I will be in Hong Kong or California. I am most excited about college life and the experience that would occur in a new place. Of course, also meeting new friends and classmates, allows me to get involved in different societies. And most definitely, I am looking forward to college courses and experiments that I can conduct in the college laboratory.   

AISG 2022 TEDx Youth

This year we celebrated AISG’s 40th Anniversary. What thoughts or emotions come to mind and what does this mean to you? 

I know that I have gained my Secondary education at the oldest and most elite International school in Southern China. Also, I feel lucky that I can celebrate my graduation along with AISG’s 40th Anniversary. 

AISG Class of 2022 gathering group photo

What advice do you have for current students to make the most of their experience at AISG? 

Enjoy your time with your classmates, they would give you the years you will never forget. And do not procrastinate. 

What accomplishments do you dream to achieve in the next five years and how will your education at AISG help you achieve these?

It would be entering a good masters program and having more academic research opportunities. AISG taught me how to research and collect data during my Upper Secondary education, which will certainly help me complete my dream.

AISG Prom 2022 Group Picture

Robert's extracurriculars/activities/awards/etc. at AISG: 

  • Highest Honor Roll 
  • Model United Nations 
  • National Chinese Honor Society  
  • Global Issues Network  
  • Migrant Link  
  • Varsity Tennis 
  • AISG MUN Director Choice (2020 - 2022)

It's true that AISG offers a unique experience where our Ram spirit holds a special place forever in our hearts. Robert, as your second home, we always welcome you back! Once a Ram, always a Ram!

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