Class of 2023 Alumni Spotlight: Gwynnie Guo

Today, we shine the spotlight on Gwynnie Guo, one of our Alumni Class Ambassadors for the Class of 2023, who has been a true leader and role model for her peers. From organizing school events to advocating for student rights, Gwynnie has shown a dedication and passion for making our school a better place for everyone. She plans on pursuing a major in Political Science and International Relations and hopes to get involved in diplomacy, influenced by her appreciation for different cultures and backgrounds gained at AISG.

Class of 2023 Alumni Spotlight: Gwynnie Guo

What are some of your proudest accomplishments at AISG?

Some of my proudest accomplishments include planning and running a countless number of StuCo events as both an executive member in previous years and ExCo president this year, especially our 2023 Talent Show, townhalls, and Hungry Games. I'm also super proud of every win and tournament trophy our sport teams took home – shoutout to the Johnson's Juicy Jardashians and APAC softball champs, as well as organizing our first TEDxYouth conference.

Class of 2023 Alumni Spotlight: Gwynnie Guo

Who influenced you the most during your time at AISG and why?

Definitely my friends and teachers. Without my friends, I wouldn't be as happy and healthy (both mentally and physically) as I would have been in school. The laughter we shared and bursts of chaotic energy in classes and lunch periods got me through each school day. With my teachers, they imparted a set of values and skills onto me that have shaped me into a more honorable and kinder person.

Class of 2023 Alumni Spotlight: Gwynnie Guo

Share your favorite AISG memory:

I have many, but I'll share two of my favorites from this year. The first was our Senior China Trip to Huizhou where we sang on the beach, roasted BBQ food, and slid down big inflatable slides (thank you Ms. Partee for organizing J). It was in that moment where it hit me that I was going to graduate soon and with some of my favorite people. The second was when our Girls Soccer team won our first APAC championship in Beijing. Even though my broken wrist stopped me from playing, it was a historic moment, and it was the people who made it such an amazing memory.

Class of 2023 Alumni Spotlight: Gwynnie Guo

What challenges have you faced during Upper Secondary, and how have you overcome them?

For me, the biggest challenge these four years was dealing with the cancellation of many signature events that I was looking forward to participating in, such as APAC or StuCo events. Having had COVID impact my entire Upper Secondary journey has made me weary of being too excited for opportunities and activities that may be canceled. However, it also taught me to appreciate and make the most of the moments and events where we do get to be together.

Class of 2023 Alumni Spotlight: Gwynnie Guo

What is the most important thing you learned while you were at AISG?

To take advantage of every opportunity you're given whilst being thankful for the opportunities that you have experienced. It's really easy to pass up on things that might seem small or trivial, but they could turn into some of your most pivotal times.

Class of 2023 Alumni Spotlight: Gwynnie Guo

What advice do you have for current students to make the most of their experience at AISG? 

Don't be afraid to take part in a variety of different experiences – no matter how scary or unknown they may seem at first. I know that some of my best memories at AISG were spent outside the classroom with a diverse group of individuals that I may never have met if I hadn't taken part in the activities I was in. And go for the jugular, on the court.

Class of 2023 Alumni Spotlight: Gwynnie Guo

What are your future career goals, and how have your AISG experiences influenced them?

I'm planning on pursuing a major in Political Science and International Relations in university. In the future, I hope to get involved in diplomacy. I'm glad my experience in this international school have made me appreciate the various cultures and backgrounds that have grown my interest in this field.

Class of 2023 Alumni Spotlight: Gwynnie Guo

Gwynnie Guo's extracurriculars, activities, awards, etc. at AISG:

  • Student Council (4 years) – ExCo (2020-23)
  • Varsity Volleyball (4 years) – MIP (2021), MVP (2022, 2023), Co-captain (2022)
  • Varsity Soccer (3 years) – Co-captain (2023)
  • APAC Band (3 years) – MVP (2022)
  • National Honor Society (2 years) – Co-president (2021-23)
  • Wind Ensemble (3 years)
  • Model United Nations (3 years)
  • Varsity Basketball (1 year)
  • Female Athlete of the Year (2021)
  • EARCOS Global Citizenship Award (2022)
  • Scott Mohr Award (2022)
  • English Student of the Year (2022)
  • Individuals & Societies Student of the Year (2021, 2022)
  • Health & Physical Education Student of the Year (2021)
Class of 2023 Alumni Spotlight: Gwynnie Guo

Gwynnie, congratulations on all your accomplishments - organizing events, being so involved in sports and activities, and being a positive influence on your peers. Your natural ability to lead inside and outside of the classroom was remarkable; you made it look effortless. We look forward to staying in touch with you as an Alumni Class Ambassador and keeping this class connected to AISG as you all start the next phase of your life. Once a Ram, Always a Ram!

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