Class of 2023 Alumni Spotlight: Sydney Taylor

AISG shines this week's Alumni Spotlight on Sydney Taylor, a 2023 graduate who overcame the challenges of the IBDP, found inspiration in her mother, Ms. Partee, and learned to focus on her unique strengths to succeed in school and beyond.

What are some of your proudest accomplishments at AISG?

I think one of my proudest accomplishments was learning how to play the tuba in only about a year and a half. It is an instrument I truly love to play, and I am so happy that I became good enough to join APAC Band in 2023.

Who influenced you the most during your time at AISG and why?

I think it would have to be my mom, Ms. Partee. She really helped me get through the IBDP and encouraged me to keep going, even when I did not have the energy to move on. She not only helped me, but my classmates as well.

Share your favorite AISG memory:

My favorite AISG memory would have to be the day Mr. Tilly taught my friends and I how to play cards. Since then, we played cards during basically every lunchtime, from Hearts to Texas Hold‘em. It was such a fun relationship building experience, and I will cherish the memory of every lunch for the rest of my life.

What challenges have you faced during Upper Secondary, and how have you overcome them?

IBDP as a whole was a major hurdle for me. Trying to keep up both motivation and high effort was extremely difficult, but somehow, I made it through. I'll admit, I didn't work on all of my assignments to the best of my ability, but I did them! Talking to my mom, my friends, and my teachers really helped me keep moving forward, even when I was at my lowest.

What is the most important thing you learned while you were at AISG?

It's important to understand what learning style is best for you. Are you best at retaining information by writing, reading, or listening? Do you work best around others or in a quiet space? It's important to know yourself so you're not only successful in school, but successful in college and workplaces as well. 

What advice do you have for current students to make the most of their experience at AISG? 

Don't tie your self worth to a letter on a paper. If you think you're worthless because you got a C instead of an A, or a 6 instead of a 7, you're wrong. School is bound by a person's ability to retain and repeat information – to solve preset scenarios. Not everyone is the same, so not everyone is good at certain subjects or remembering a certain equation or theorist. Each person has a different set of skills, and it's your unique set of skills that gives you worth in the real world. The world is spontaneous, unpredictable – and you don't succeed by simply repeating what you're told. So, if you get a B, a C, or even an F, it doesn’t make you any less smart or any less worthwhile. We all have ways to improve, and ways we are strong. It is important to never ever forget that.

What are your future career goals, and how have your AISG experiences influenced them?

In the future, I would like to be an actor of some kind. I am not sure if I want to do voice, stage, or screen acting, but I will be happy with any (or all) of them. AISG has helped me develop my love for theater by providing opportunities for me to better my skills and allowed me to meet other actors who inspire me to become just as good as them. I hope that one day I can perform and inspire others as well.

Sydney Taylor's extracurriculars, activities, awards, etc. at AISG:

  • Gender and Sexuality Association (4 years)
  • CAS Band (2 years)
  • APAC Band (1 year)
  • APAC Choir (1 year)
  • High School Musical (3 years)
  • Drama Festival (1 year)
  • Performer of the Year 2021-22
  • Highest Honor Roll
  • Art Club (2 years)

Sydney, congratulations on all of your accomplishments at AISG! Learning to play the tuba in just a year and a half and joining APAC Band in 2023 is an incredible achievement. It is inspiring to hear about your love for theater and your future career goals as an actor. We wish you all the best on your future adventure and we know that you will continue to achieve great things with your unique set of skills and strengths. Once a Ram, Always a Ram!

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