Día de Cervantes

World Book Day takes place on April 23rd and is an annual event organized by UNESCO to celebrate and promote reading, publishing, and copyrighting. In Spain, this day is also known as Dia de Cervantes, as it is the date that Miguel de Cervantes, a renowned Spanish writer, is believed to have died. One of Miguel De Cervantes’ famous literary works is Don Quijote, the first modern novel.

graphic poster about world book day

On Thursday, the Consul-General from Spain Mr. Jesús Gracia Aldaz visited AISG and talked to the 10th and 11th grade Spanish classes about Miguel de Cervantes, World Book Day, and Don Quijote. Students got to learn more about why this day is important and the history behind it, as well as watch some clips about the day and Don Quijote. AISG wants to thank the Spanish consulate for this opportunity at helping our students learn about the day and practice their Spanish skills.

man presenting a video on a screen to students
students looking at two adults in front of a tv screen

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